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MInecraft On PSP


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    The PlayStation Portable is now off the market, and may not be able to handle Minecraft as a game, for its hardware is not nearly as advanced because the console itself is 14 years old! This would be cool, but even a heavily optimized 4J Studios version would not be able to handle it. Also, all multiplayer functionalities would be very limited due to there being no online service for the PSP. 

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    Lets be real, the Nintendo 3DS Minecraft version isn't that great in itself, I don't think 4J could pull it off, not to mention the console is essentially dead. I generally think that portable versions of the game are completely useless, as bedrock edition essentially is the same among all platforms. Why want a PsP Version when your phone, computer and any other console can run it? (I even think Apple TV and Rasberry Pi can run it tbh)