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Illusion Illagers and Giants (just read it)

needs info


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    Your idea has no point, at least as it is presented. How would these mobs fit into the game? What would their drops be? Where would they spawn? 

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    brenn boyer commented

    All games should have hidden objects, so if you add them to survival we will need more

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    These mobs would certainly be welcome as fully implemented features, but you have to think what it is they drop and where they spawn when you post.  Sharing what you want more specifically for these mobs than this will support your request better.

    I too have posted before on ideas that could give reason to fully implement the illusioner and giant.




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     Why should they add Giants? They don't fit in the game and are unused for a reason.

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    @CloudierAgate05 the idea of giants itself doesn't go far enough that it doesn't fit in the game.  It's how the giants are put in game, by function, drop, attacks, & behaviors, that can either fit or not fit in the game.  This mob is only unused because they didn't have any concepts of their own back then that could make the mob's role fitting.  However, after all the updates and other features that have been made, I think this is a feature worth giving another chance after what Mojang might have learned over time.

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    Giants i can see why it is unused, but on the other hand, illusioners should be in a structure as big as the one as where the evokers spawn. Illusioners should drop a totem which if you get hit with a bad effect that is 30+ seconds, it should remove it and make you resistant to bad effects for 15 seconds

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    minecraft also has unused sound effects too, like the chest lock and wolf howl, at least i havent encountered these sounds in survival yet. yes i know people made minigames in their server and USED these sounds, but it isnt used in the game.


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    PraisedCookie40 that totem idea is pretty good actually.  It would add consistency to the Totem of Undying as a relic of sorts.  It could be called the "Totem of Warding".

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    Java Dragon commented

    I am for the treehouse as structure with the Illusion Illager and the cloak as drop. 

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    Similar threads as noted in below thread, closing