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Make mining matter again (add magic)


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    Mining sill absolutely matters.  You might be able to rely on chest diamonds for your first diamond pick, but mining is still the most reliable way to get enough to fully gear up.  There's also a lot more than diamonds that you need to go mining for.  Anyone who does redstone is absolutely going to go mining for it.  Similarly, anyone who likes blue, cyan, or purple will need to mine for lapis (or do some serious villager grind to buy it one or two at a time from a cleric).  And then there's always iron and coal.  Everything has its use, and you only get tiny amounts from chests.

    I think you're better off describing this magic than just saying that finding ore products in chests are a problem and saying magic items would fix it.  And I have no idea what you mean about making finding the ores more skill based.

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    By making ores “skill based” I mean making it to where instead of mining in straight lines or in caves and just hoping to find and ore it would be nicer to have some stone types that mean those areas get a higher chance of having those ores as you would see in real life. I don’t think mining the indication stone should give anything other than normal stone but it would be nice for areas with high chance of ores to have a different looking stone texture near and around it. As for my proposal on chests I have made many worlds where all I did was run around and within around half an hour or an hour depending on the world I had the items to mine obsidian and go to the nether I think it is just too easy to obtain all of the items you need with chests. I don’t think magic items must be added to fix this I just think less ores and more types of chest only items would be nice to make the people who never mine (And I know at least 10 friends of mine who don’t mine in survival) actually mine.

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    Are you counting caving as not mining?  You want people to specifically set up a mine to get resources?  Personally, I think it's nice that the game gives options on how to gear up.  Like how, if you want to go that route, you can get your first diamond pickaxe from a villager.

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    noob1884 commented
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    When I first started playing, I thought that using a geology based approach would work but there are legal ways to know where best to mine for certain things and it is knowledge based and not cheat based but 'I wont tell you how' you just have to do the research :D

    Otherwise I might come up against you on some realm and lose :(

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    Reedsee commented
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    Are their magic wands?

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    Okay, so first and foremost I would like to both agree with everyone here, and disagree. Here is my take on the situation. Short and simple, mining is just not necessary. At all. Unless you are one of those crazy people who does mega-builds in survival (like me xD), there is just no need.

    As of right now, in less than a couple hours (depending on spawn), you can have a full set of diamond gear, armor and nether portal with some enchantments simply by looting chests from villages, wrecks, and any other loot you find. From a “play only for the story” perspective, this feels too easy. This can be taken advantage of to remove what would normally be extensive hours of cave diving or mining.

    From a logical standpoint, it is more practical for even survival players to hunt for chest loot than it is to mine. Take a bed with you and mobs are almost never a problem. And even under water, taking a stack or two of dirt and you can loot everything down there with a low risk of fighting drowned.

    Move on to Hardcore, and the game just isn’t hardcore. If the goal is to survival as long as you can, then it is just practical to take the loot approach just because it saves time and is less life risky.

    All in all, the game is at the core, too easy to win and play. I admire that minecraft is simple. Sure from time to time I would like more complex challenges and gameplay (but that is what mods are for) but this is just TOO simple.

    Sure, you can argue “It is a matter of choice and should not be a big deal”. Sure, for some this will be true and they will agree with it, but then where is the fun if a game offers you a cheap alternative to having to work to achieve a goal? Sure, searching for the loot is work. But how much work is it really when you can dodge nights and avoid mobs underwater by building? I think the point by now is clear.

    But then how could this be fixed? My solutions:

    Ruby’s, Sapphires, ect. Make them rare, but worth a lot of emeralds. Make them tradeable to villagers or be item costs for rare enchantments. Ect. Add more underground dungeons with unique mobs that have unique drops for unique potions or maybe even uncraftable legendary armor/weapons. Just making mining or caving its own adventure without having a cheap alternative to get out of it, Right now outside of mineshafts, there just is not much under the ground to really drag my interest in exploring.

    Might be a bit of a far fetched idea, but honesty, why not add underground ruins. Abandoned temples or villages from a long forgotten civilization with rare and unique loot that is otherwise impossible to get elsewhere? Make them rare like the Mansion. Get creative and give us a reason to care about going underground. Beyond what we already have. Do that, and the game just becomes that more interesting.

    I digress.

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    B I commented
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    We need underground biomes, that would be cool

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    Galiantus commented
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    Things like treasure maps and heart of the sea are great ideas. It's just really unnecessary for shipwrecks, villages and ruins to contain so many resources from underground. Loot from things above ground and in the ocean should have unique loot that does not take away from mining.