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The Mythos Dimension – Hub Post (Read First)


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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    I really like this.  It’s sort of like a fairy tale dimension.  I have some suggestions.

    1. The portal is only able to be activated in the nether.

    2. Magic only has an effect in this dimension.

    3. Try to cut down on the number of new items and ores.

    4. Mobs from this dimension cannot spawn in the overworld, and only good witches can travel through the portals to the overworld.

    5. All mobs with an attack immediately attack hostile mobs from the overworld.

    6. This dimension should be kept separate from the other dimensions as much as possible in order to avoid overpowered items and mobs.

    7. There is no need for new types of trees.  Wood and leaves and saplings just have different colors in this dimension.

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    Thank you for reading and giving feedback.


    1.  The portal only being able to be activated in the Nether would be an interesting twist.

    2. As I said in the magic post in response to this, that would make it not worthwhile to do the work to unlock the spells.

    3. If I have too many new items and ores, the devs are more than free to do some judicious pruning.  However, I wanted to make sure to have enough new items to allow for the new spell crafting.

    4. I absolutely agree that mobs from this dimension would not spawn elsewhere.  I would be fine if the mobs can't go through the portal.  Although they should be able to exist in the other dimensions.

    5. Them attacking hostile overworld mobs sounds like a nice feature.

    6. If you think the magic system is overpowered, could you try to explain how, rather than just trying to keep it isolated from everything else?  It goes from being possibly overpowered to basically worthless if it doesn't introduce new abilities to general use.

    7. I don't understand this at all.  New colors on overworld trees would just be incredibly boring.

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    I feel like this should be a magical version of the overworld.  That is why I think magic, magical creatures, and colorful trees should only apply in this dimension.

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    In a lot of respects, I also think of this as a magical/fantasy version of the overworld.  But I'm also thinking about how it would affect gameplay, or not.

    People love the challenge of capturing mobs and moving them between dimensions, for example.  Although I agree absolutely that the Wyverns specifically should not be able to go through the portal, because I assume that Mojang does not want a flying mount in the other dimensions.  And if it can go through the portal, Mythos should be gated after The End by including an End item in the portal (or requiring it to be opened in The End?) to prevent people from having a flying mount in their first Dragon fight.

    Also, as fun as I hope it would be to explore Mythos, I can't imagine the spell system being used much if the spells aren't at all functional in the other dimensions.  The magic issue is why I have it so that the magical recharge on the spelled items happens slower in the other dimensions. There has to be some level of magic force in the other dimensions for enchanted items to work, but it's different from the magic in Mythos. The amber used in all spell crafting acts as a battery and a magical converter.

    None of the other flora that is special to other dimensions is limited to the other dimensions, as long as you have the correct thing to grow it on.  Nether Wort can be grown anywhere as long as it's on Soul Sand, and Chorus Flowers can grow anywhere as long as it's on End Stone.  Either the soil in Mythos is special and you need to have some of that to grow the Mythos trees, or it uses normal dirt.  Either way, it would be a new precedent for them to be unable to grow in other dimensions.  The lack of ability to grow the new trees elsewhere would make them harder to farm for their wood and prevent them from being used as decorative accents or integral parts of builds anywhere but inside Mythos.

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    noob1884 commented

    I dunno… putting direct witch and witchraft references in will cause a lot of parents to pull their kids from the platform and encourage a lot of 'told you so's'.  So you might want to refine the idea a little bit imho.

    I actually like the chance of having a flying mount to fight the ender dragon on, that's a nice twist - similar to the conduit for the ocean monument.  If you notice, you cannot activate a conduit until you have defeated the elder guardians as its impossible to mine enough prismarine until you do so.

    Based on the above, I would say, have a little more faith in the devs, designers and project managers to work it out between them.

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    I hope that wouldn't be the case, but then again, there are people who think Harry Potter is evil, so........  Honestly, I would be sad if fear of people like that caused this idea to be changed.


    However, as with almost anything in this idea, I defer to the devs for tweaks and changes.  If having a "good witch" is deemed something that will cause too many problems, the name can be changed.  (the friend who helped me and wrote the lore was the main driving force in them being called "good witches".  They could be called mages, etc.  Although that would also somewhat require dumping the part of the lore where they go to the overworld after they defeat the dark magic.)

    If the actual fact of a magic system is what you're talking about...  There's not much I can do about that.  At least it's not like the Blood Magic mod.

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    I love Harry Potter I made a demention for it too I suggest to choose some animals like I did hippeggriff and dementor you could do giant spiders like Aragon sorry if I spelt that wrong


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    The  reason I said it was Harry Potter is because I looked that up and this showed up 

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