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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow commented

    Gave it some sleep over the weekend, here's where I'm at today:

    I'm going to start with breaking out Structures first, and we'll see how that goes. Adding new forms for specific categories may be a specific item we address in the website visual overhaul. It'll take some balance to make sure we remain encouraging for ideas that aren't as fully fleshed out, non-native English speakers, and younger audiences, but I think we're off to a good start.

    Looking forward to hearing more people chime in on these ideas!

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    MacchuPicchu96 commented

     What might work best is to split Biomes, Structures, and Dimensions into their respective categories. Then, for people proposing new dimensions, encourage them to create "hub posts" and link to separate posts of new structures and biomes within that dimension. For instance:

    Q: I want to propose a new dimension that will include three biomes and at least two new generated structures.

    A: Create a hub post in Dimensions discussing general information, mobs, access to dimension, overall goal of dimension, etc. (a template is a great idea for this sort of thing). Add a link to a post in Biomes that discusses the three new biomes. Add a link to a post in Structures discussing the new structures you want to add.

    Q: I want to propose a change to an existing structure, or the implementation of a new one in a current dimension.

    A: Post this in Structures.

    Q: I want to propose an addition to a specific Overworld biome (say, new swamp trees), or the addition of a new Overworld biome.

    A: Post this in Biomes. If your biome also includes an idea for a new structure, add a link to a new post for that structure under Structures.

    Q: I want to propose a change to terrain generation in the Nether or the End (say, add water patches in the End).

    A: This could technically fall under Biomes but perhaps makes more sense in Dimensions.

    As far as your second question - Minecraft Abnormals is coming out with a video soon discussing this very topic! (I would know, I'm helping create it.)

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    krgood9008 commented

    I agree with macchupiccu96

    There should be some way to chain related posts together for varying topics, a simple way to do this is under the feedback section for biomes have more form fillable boxes that ask specific questions. Such as, what structures are in the biome if any, where would this biome be located and why would players travel there?

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    PolarMammoth commented

    I too agree with MacchuPicchu96 but I think instead of creating lots of seperate posts you should be able to create the whole post in one go adding in your general info, mobs and other such stuff into the correct areas of the “template” then when submitting the feedback, the “template” would then divide itself up into bits, and post those bits into their correct places on the site then automatically make a short link to the separate bits from the “mother or hub post”. This I believe would be less hassle for those who may find it fiddly to link things on phones and tablets (it can get very fiddly).

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