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(Feedback site, features) Profile Images!

under review


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  • Official comment

    Currently this feature is not enabled, although there is a rare issue (known) where the software will pick up an image from an existing outside account. A few users took improper advantage of this issue very early on to use inappropriate images, which led us to move enabling this feature for everyone further down our priority list. Especially when we're looking at overhauling the entire look of the site anyway, which affects how profiles are displayed, we'd rather focus on the bigger issues with the site first. It may not even be a thing that exists when we're done, we're still working on finalizing the new look with our art team.

    For those that have them, as long at they're not inappropriate, we're okay with leaving them.

    Once we have better/faster elements for reporting in place or ways for people to turn that image off (we are a family friendly site and we have already have had several issues with inappropriate images), it's pretty likely this can be turned on fully in ways that make sense for the site (such as a selection of pre-approved, Minecraft themed images).

    We know the little default person isn't the most friendly and its kinda boring, but it's harmless and that's the important part.

    Thanks for asking!

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    Some people have images, but I have no idea how they managed to get them.  I can't figure out how to do this either.

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    StarKittychu commented

    I agree with Nova.

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    I was thinking, Nova, for when you choose an image for google play games, it gives you a whole lot of options, but doesn't let you make a custom one. Maybe you (or the website developer, if you are it) can add a feature where it'll give you minecraft images, and maybe let you take your own screenshots inside the game. There will also be a way to report it, so no-one can build anything inappropriate things within the game.

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    This post is “under review.”  I am actually hoping this gets added.

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    It's still on the list, yeah.

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    Blast Burner commented

    I would love this.

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    Plumsweetart commented

    Hey Nova, COMPLETELY agree though what would be awesome is if we could do the same thing that we do on Xbox where you choose a certain picture from mogangs tons of pictures, such as I had mine as a unicorn but somehow it hooked up with you tube and now it’s a drawing of an eye. It would be a great thing on here but it just wouldn’t connect to outside accounts so you’d just choose from options! Just a suggestion

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    Thanks,  Plumsweetart  !

    I like the pre-selected idea a lot, and given our large and diverse audience, it would be great to incorporate art from Dungeons and Earth, if that's possible. Or start with a base list of iconic images and refresh them "seasonally" or something.

    Now that the bulk of the visual refresh is done we can revisit this one in a way that implementing it will make sense for everyone - whether this is working with Zendesk directly to have preset images available, or having our web team incorporate a more customized solution. It's not as high on the feature list (oh, it is a long list of improvements that will keep everyone busy for a while), but definitely not something we've forgotten about.

    Appreciate the continued interest from everyone.

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    Some Animal commented

    I like this idea. I would like to see it. However Nova has a point. Since posts have to be approved already, I think that maybe one of the things on the checklist could be the users image, and if the user's image is vulgar, then if it is possible to ban accounts, this is where it could be used? Or maybe just pre-approved images? To be honest, the function of the site would be carried out either way.

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    Makaneek commented

    @claygoddesssari Only Admins get profile pics right now.