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Rideable Polar Bears


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    Clever idea, I’m all for it

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    I move for a total revamp of the Polar Bear

    I tried to make a separate post about this but I guess it was to closely related to this one so I will add it here I think rideable Polar bears is a great Idea but I think they need a lot more.



    The Polar Bear is a a great looking mob. And I cant help but have a moment of excitement when run into one. That is until I remember how fairly useless it is and like I said it makes me quite sad. So here is my attempt to do something about it.




    Make the the bear a a mountable mob! Yea that's right what could be a cooler use for this mob than a new mount. If I am not mistaken Mincraft has not gotten a new mount since horses. The bear should be slightly faster than a pig but slower and fewer HP than a horse. It can't jump more than 1 block but can step over 2 blocks.The unique ability of this mount is that it has a powerful melee attack and a huge game changer for up close melee combat.


    Weapons while mounted -

    As the polar bear has such a lumbering gate it would likely be impossible to effectively fire a bow or swing a sword while mounted on a bear and in motion.



    Taming a polar bear should not be easy they are not know for having the best temperament. This could be accomplished not by changing the polar bear to a hostile mob outright but when you are holding a raw salmon in your hand and you are within x amount of blocks of the mob it becomes hostel. (and peaceful again when you are not holding raw salmon that is unless you already hit it.) this would keep balance to the game for players that are not looking to tame these mobs. Getting clawed by one of these giants should be quite devastating toy your health bar. So the fact that you would need to expend a large amount of salmon to convince this beast that you are trust worthy would be quite difficult. Befriending such an animal would be quite an accomplishment and a distinct advantage in combat.



    As if domesticating a polar bear wasn't difficult enough. You cant just hop on a polar bear and head off to inflict damage Mounting a bear requires equipping it with a bear saddle.


    Bear Saddle-

    The Bear Saddle is a craft able item that a player will need to make. This Item should be crafted by adding on to a horse saddle with another materials like additional leather and Iron. This would require that the player do some exploring and presumably engaging in combat before obtaining the polar bear mount.


    A possible Bear Saddle recipe

    0 S 0
    L 0 L

    L I L



    Personally I am of the opinion that all mobs should drop useful items. So lets address some possible useful items that a polar bear could drop


    Bear Hide -

    a.) Bear hide can be tanned just like cow hide and made into leather IRL. So why not in Mincraft too throw it in a furnace get a few leather.

    b.) Use the Fletcher station block to turn a bear hide into a bed roll. Bed Rolls can be used to sleep and skip the night without changing you spawn away from your bed. This is especially useful now that phantoms are something that we need to contend with now.


    Bear Meat- It doesn't make any sense that an animal this size wouldn't be able to provide a substantial amount of food for a person. Raw and cooked bear meat should provide less than a raw or cooked steak respectively as it is not the most tasty and satisfying meat. But a bear s hould drop 3-5 pieces at least as the Polar Bear Is a large animal.


    Bear Meat Stew-Raw Bear Meat, a Bowl, a Bottle of Water and, a Carrot in a crafting bench would make Bear Meat stew leaving an empty glass bottle in the bench this would provide the same hunger replenishment as a cooked steak and a carrot with improved saturation and provide the strength buff for a short time.


    Bear's Head- Its a helmet same stats as iron but can be enchanted with a new enchantments that can only be put on this item.

    a.) Predator's Instinct- When in use causes double XP to drop from mobs and players that you kill.

    b.) Fight or Flight- When in use XP converts into health. If you drop to 3 or less hearts you get a speed bonus


    Bear Claw Boots- Just like leather boots in stats but allows you so climb flat wooden black faces useful for harvesting trees or climbing wooden structures, climb a fort wall, or take a tactical sniper position on a roof. Can be used to climb non wooden surfaces but the boots take heavy damage when you do.


    Bear Armor- It's found in igloos obviously. It could be in the furnace. its hard to find but is extremely valuable because bears have lower HP and are slow. Your bear mount is is going to need armor if you intend to ride into any serious combat. Bear armor can be enchanted with most of the standard armor enchantments.


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    Love the idea

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    I agree. However, I think untamed polar bear should be hostile.

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    I agree, and they need more maybe you could ride them really fast on water like how they swim faster then the run on land. They should also be like I wolf in some ways like sitting and standing and following but other wise great idea.

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    I think it should go fast on ice and snow