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Entity tag (and more tags globally)


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    RomaqRosher commented
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    It looks like this is dabbled a bit in 1.14: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tag#Entity_Types

    I would like to see "hostile mobs" added as a tag that is kept up-to-date. I currently have a data-pack "God Mode" that puts a list of all hostile (or potentially hostile) entities in a "god_mode" group. I have a player with Senior Dementia also in this group so he can play without having to deal with mobs. I have a list of mobs I look for and put in the "god_mode" team as they spawn, but until 1.14 I couldn't even tag them. It would be very useful for me (and likely map-makers) to have a #minecraft:hostile_mob tag that was kept up-to-date as new mobs are added.

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    tintin10q commented
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    A non hostile (better name) should be added

    "replace": false,
    "values": [

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    I definitely need this.

    Examples for new tags could be:

    #oceanic: includes drowned, squid, cod, salmon, pufferfish, tropical fish, guardians, and elder guardians. A similar tag could have all mobs affected by the Impaling enchantment.

    #nether: magma cubes, wither (skeletons), zombie pigmen, blazes, and ghasts

    #hostile: all hostile mobs (zombie, skeleton, creeper, etc.)

    #neutral: all neutral mobs (wolf, zombie pigman, bee, etc.)

    #passive: all passive mobs (pig, cow, chicken, etc.)

    #flying: flying mobs (bats, phantoms, etc.)

    #inflictive: mobs that can inflict status effects (wither, wither skeleton, witch, bees, shulkers, husks, strays, cave spiders, etc.)

    #undead: all undead mobs including drowned

    #arthropod: spiders, cave spiders, endermites, silverfish, and bees

        #pest: endermites and silverfish

    #zombies: zombies, zombie pigmen, husks, zombie villager

    #humanoid: all zombies, villagers, illagers (even illusioner for java), skeletons, pillagers

    #projectile: egg, snowball, wither skull, arrow, etc.

    #non_mob: all non mob entities

    #strikeable: creepers, mooshrooms, and other mobs that change when struck by lightning


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    tacofire1 commented
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    I would like to see a milkable tag. Entities in this tag, when right clicked with a bucket, produce milk.

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