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tame sea turtles


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    Shirotensu commented
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    Should do this. Like how you can put a saddle on a pig but on a turtle

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    I say turtles should be tamable with both sea grass and tropical fish, although only sea grass puts them in "love" mode.

    Also, maybe they shouldn't grant the player breath underwater; sorta completely undermines the Turtle Shell (and also Potions of Water Breathing). How about instead it grants players a level of respiration that stacks with enchaned helmets/ Turtle Shell?

    This just may seem like a glorified boat, but while on a turtle, players could also get the dolphin's grace buff as they are technically in the water.
    I would suggest that turtles be controlled like a sort-of-mix between player swimming and horses: the angle you're looking determines what directions the movement keys...move you. Say you look straight down: W swims downward as expected, A and D move side to side, but S swims upwards.

    Complicated? Yes. Cool? Yes. Worth it? I think so.