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extreme potions (non-specific)


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    Moved to gameplay as this is not specific to a particular potion.

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    "Late-game"?? A glowstone block is not much harder to get than a piece of glowstone dust. Same goes for redstone blocks. I don't agree with this idea.

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    Katyusha20 commented

    when I said late game I should have mentioned mass-production of potions, yes I agree that in the early and middle stages of the game they would be easy to acquire, however in my opinion to have all your potions be brewed with redstone and glowstone blocks would be late game or mid game for experienced players. Or maybe brewing such potions cost alot of blaze powder, any thing to balance this concept is welcome.

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    Remember, an advanced player can build a witch farm to get essentially infinite amounts of glowstone and redstone. I think you should abandon the idea of basing it off of those ingredients.

    Part of the problem here is that unless you make the ingredient a super rare/hard to get item, these extreme potions will completely supplant usage of all other potions. There simply wouldn't be any reason to use the other ones...

    Finally, I'm just afraid that level 3 potions in survival Minecraft are unbalanced to begin with - although is that what you had in mind by "drastically increase the intensity"? Instant Damage III would be terrifying. Regeneration III would be OP. Speed III would be fun, but again, really powerful.

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    Katyusha20 commented

    You have a good point maybe the effects should be dialed back but still reward the player for brewing them. I Still would really like to see this in survival but as you have made clear it just isn't balanced. Maybe have the brewing time take extremely long or require something more expensive than blaze powder to fuel it. Or maybe only one batch can be brewed in a minecraft day. Wait maybe they come with ill effects like potion of the turtle master IDK what the downsides for every potion would be but slowness comes to mind for most outside of swiftness. This still needs alot of balancing to be viable in survival but that's why I need feedback like yours and thank you for bringing this issues to light. If you have any ideas on how to balance these potions please comment your ideas!

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    Of course, happy to help out! Maybe something like this would work:

    - Add rare drop from Wither Skeletons: Charred Bones, which would be about as rare as the Wither Skeleton Skull. It would be nice if this could replace the normal bone drops, which make no sense anyway.

    - Brewing a Charred Bone into an existing potion either increases level II potions to level III, or increases the time of redstone-extended potions even further.

    - However, these new potions will also give you 10 seconds of Wither as a side effect. Because of this, Charred Bones would probably not work with Lingering or Splash potions. Also, we could call these potions Decaying Potions (as in, Decaying Potion of Strength).

    This feels well balanced to me, what do you think?

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    Katyusha20 commented

    cool idea, a rare drop for potion brewing sounds great! maybe crafting so many with a redstone or glowstone block could work. I'm very attached to the idea of using redstone and glowstone blocks in these potions. Maybe make it a guaranteed drop from spider jockeys!