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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow commented

    I'm going to put this with the villager, npc, humanoid category for now. Let's see this discussion!

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    ClayGoddessSari commented

    I think you're proposing an entirely new way for villagers and villages to work in Minecraft, but you don't describe it very well, so I have no idea what you're actually asking for.  Could you explain better?

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    jakub murthy commented

    how about other precious stones, like rubys,sapphires e.t.c each with different values. and instead of adding new ores, how about some kind of rare crystal caves that generate underground?

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    SpookyEagle9335 commented

    it will be cool to see a town hall with some kind of mayor or king and if you don't follow the rules they can jail you andmaybe kill you if your crime is big enough (bad English)

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    TippiestComet63 commented

    I like the new currency idea but your post could use an edit. How is this obtained and what parameters need to be met for "new" buildings to be built? I like the suggestion of new caves and villager professions coexisting to make villeges more alive.

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