We know you like redstone, but how can we make redstone better?


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    ScaryHarryMAX commented

    Activate redstone next to a Hopper; this should stop items from getting in and out.

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    Doink Mayomaise commented

    Just lock the hopper with redstone


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    Kyrinon commented

    AKAMIKAZEL wants to permanently stop the hopper from picking up items but locking with redstone will also stop it from pushing items, turning it into a really small chest, and who wants that?

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    Eric Gro commented

    So, basically this would be an item pipe?!

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    Auldrick commented

    Are you talking about the hopper lid being a separate block, or a variant of the hopper that has a lid on it? If it's the former one, I don't see the advantage over just using a furnace on the top. If it's the latter one, I think it would be less confusing to call it a "lidded hopper", and it has already been suggested under the name "Covered Hopper".

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