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Hostile mobs awake you if you're not sleeping in a house (old feature)


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    Bilbo Baggins commented
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    Please yes.  Once, I was sleeping outside when a creeper snuck up on me in bed, and I barely made it out in time.  (Actually, I was in my house; I was just being dumb and playing on hard without a roof or door to my house, since all my stuff was stored in a nearby stronghold.)

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    Partially agree. Something like this should be added in my opinion. However, for new players this could be ruining their first nights and making them not want to play anymore. I'd suggest this to be a hardcore feature only, and make it only zombies/skeletons/spiders who can wake you up. A creeper blowing you up will likely kill you in one hit and ending your world then and there.

    Also, a "house" should be defined as follows:

    1. The bed and the blocks directly aligned to it must not have acces to sky light or they have to be a wall.

    2. There must be a 2-block space above the bed and 2 blocks next to the bed.

    3. There must be a door.

    This should create a minimal hut of a 2x2 inside area with a ceiling that is 3 blocks high.


    Also, I still always sleep with a sword in my hand, something I taught muself when whis was a feature XD.

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    Mc Rat commented
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    I remember this. One of the old features I really miss.

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    Martin Villa commented
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    Like but the requirements for a house should only be this: 1.a bed 2.4 or more walls 3. a roof 4. a closed door.

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    Dinorauria commented
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    Maybe we could make this a hard mode exclusive feature. I feel that it would be nice to see more difficulty tweaks between hard and normal modes that have greater impact than just "more damage and health"

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    Geisl01 commented
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    Problem: How would a shelter/home be defined?


    a) this could be an exclusive feature for harder difficulties

    b) this could be a tick-able option

    c) perhaps this mob appearance would only occur if the player slept without a specific amount of lighting around them

    d) perhaps having a certain amount of blocks around the player is what would define safety or danger for such an event

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    I disagree with that feature, because it is quiet annoying

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    Alex Gonzalez commented
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    I think a "house" should be defined as any place where a zombie, creeper, or skeleton couldn't pathfind to you. So you're encouraged to build a shelter, but not restricted by light levels, needing a roof, etc.