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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


Graveyard (swamps and dark oak forests)


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    Clarified subject to help search results.

    Thanks for your contribution.

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    make ZOMBIES and SKELETONS came out of the graves.Skeleton skulls and Player heads of diffrend Players like Gronkh Steve Alex and notch

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    can be found in chests 

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    SupersuMC commented

    This could be even better if swamps had lower visibility at night. There's nothing like fog to make a cemetery spooky...

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    korn469 commented

    You should check out this idea about non-hostile/completely dead skeletons, because I think it would make a great addition to this idea. 



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    TravelByTrain commented

    Add grave traps to make it dangerous with undead mobs.

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    BabyEater848 commented

    They should be in any biome but the swamp because If in real life if you had a graveyard in a swamp all the coffins would rose to the surface

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    This is one of the most fitting structure suggestions ive heard yet. With the gloominess of the swamp that would go super well. I hope mojang would add this, witch huts are hard enough to find already and even then theyre not all that good because they have no loot. Perhaps dark oak fences can be used around thr structure, a higher likelyhood of skeletons spawning, and fog is a big one too.

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    I voted the instant I saw it. It is very good.

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    minecraft grave-robbing edition

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    AgentCPU0 commented

    What about the chance of a mausoleum spawning that you could loot?

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    It would be a nice idea also having a special spawned very very very very very very rare in a graveyard structure who would spawn a couple of hostile undead mobs at night only and would be a very efficient farm if added to the game

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    iceman42dave commented

    Brilliant idea! Maybe include crypts with skeleton or zombie spawners inside them, and trapped like jungle temples.

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    Of course when a player dies they can find there grave

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    fohow1313 commented

    Это было бы здорово, можно добавить несколько новых ачивок.

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    I have another concept for a graveyard structure that I was going to post on.

    I agree on having random graves be filled with loot, but I also think they ought to be where random monster spawners are located, so the player would have to search and destroy the spawners as well as find loot.  In addition, some graves could contain an empty space containing a baby zombie as a trap.

    Even with the spawners below ground, monsters could still spawn in the air space diagonal to the spawners.  Here's a full design below.

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    lousk82 commented

    That would be so cool

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    Dante Vara commented

    You could maybe gain a sort of curse effect if you raided the graves that would cause undead mobs to spawn closer to you and target you with immense strength and speed.

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    A graveyard could spawn close to villages and at night Zombie villagers could spawn from their graves


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    Blindgoofball commented

    That is inapropriate for a game rated E.