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Teen Rating (was: Minecraft- Should be rated Teen)


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    Not every aspect of the game needs to be accessible.  The coding and commands are absolutely over the head of some of the younger players, but it is also not necessary to enjoy the game.  The basic adventure, survival, and building aspects are still simple enough, and that's what matters.

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    Bohan Zhang commented

    Seriously, who actually cares about the rating? Also, the rating doesn't really matter. I personally have played some games that are way beyond my rating, and I don't care. Command blocks are simply for creations, and for many younger players, they don't really care about it. They just do survival, or creative. Simple as that. And, finally, people aren't as dumb as you think. 

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    This would just make some kids that aren't teens yet sad, making a game they love suddenly fall out of their age group. Commands, I know kids under 13 that know how to code basic commands (sometimes advanced ones). There are also tutorials on YouTube on how to do commands.

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    Just because a game has optional complicated bits doesn't mean it gets a teen rating. T in the ESRB would be something with violence, or language, i.e. something not mean for the under 12 set. Minecraft, fundamentally, is an all inclusive game with minimal violence and no profanity of any kind. The player base consists of a lot of kids and if they don't understand the coding and commands, they won't do it. Minecraft is E 10+ and probably will always be.

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    ESRB ratings are for content, not difficulty.  Not only that, but a developer can't just decide to change their rating anyway, the ESRB rating is given by an independent review board.  A developer feedback forum is definitely the wrong place for this.

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    Sangheili11 commented

    player base is mostly 20-30 year old people on java version of game but since bedrock came out younger people started playing it since it was more accessible, the normal java version costed $27.00-$30 .00 (around there) so most kids would not be able to afford it.

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    The rating of games has nothing to do with the difficulty. It has everything to do with the content, such as crude humor or something. And Minecraft has nothing inappropriate about it.

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    It could remove at least 25% of eight year old Russian kids who use the worst swearing words have ever heard of while playing. And 50% will probably break their PC in pure rage. Always wanted make Russian Minecraft servers safe from them.

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    BuzzinGames commented

    Why would advanced gameplay lead to a higher esrb rating?