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(Feedback site, features) "Category" option to the Sorting Options for a Profile's Posts

under review


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    So I had a meeting with the folks that created the software we use for our Feedback site recently, and while this isn't a technical feature that's present in their software, it's something that I haven't entirely given up on. We did discuss some alternate ways that may help while they investigate this as a long term solution (because I'm going to keep at my efforts to get this improved), and I will be investigating those with the web team.

    We're working on it still, especially as our feedback site has exploded in interest and number of discussions since our early days. :)

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    That's a neat idea. I'll put it under investigation with the web team. Thanks!

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    Any chance you could put this other request in too?

    If there could be a Sorting Option for posts by labels like "under review", "needs more info", or "staff comment"?  That way the poster could keep track of the statuses of each of his or her posts without having to click on every single post page link every time.