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    ClayGoddessSari commented

    Because it's not that easy?  Everything that you want to toggle on is not currently programmed into the game.  It's also not a good idea to try to solve everything by saying "make it optional".  What you're asking is for two very different ways for redstone to work.  There is a lot more that is different beyond quasi-connectivity, after all.  And for every update in the future, they would have to make sure it doesn't break either redstone system.  Any new redstone feature would have to be adapted to work in each system and would probably work slightly differently in each.

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    RagingPotato125 commented

    Brillient good idea brillient brilliwnt brillient!!!

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    TheeMonster395 commented

    I didn't even consider that. As much as I want the switch back, it would be really difficult for them. Thanks.

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    RotaryGnat26706 commented

    It isn't quite possible, because redstone affects more than just redstone and some Java quirks are bugs.

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    Netwin commented

    I really want this. On my Xbox One X I can choose to play Minecraft: Xbox One Edition to have this. Sadly however that version is no longer updated and moreover removed from the store so any new friends that we want to get into Minecraft: Xbox One Edition can't get it. As someone else commented a toggle for this might be hard to implement, so maybe at least on the Xbox One it could be a button instead which says "Console Edition Mode" and launches Minecraft: Xbox One Edition. It would be awesome if they let 4J Studios continue to update Minecraft: Xbox One Edition like Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition. Then that mode stays current.

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