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Make our characters flash a light shade of green rather than red when poisoned.


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    KindredNebula commented
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    Sounds like a cool idea, to be honest. Maybe the player hotbar could also be colored to reflect their damage status (red from normal damage, green from poison damage, purple from wither damage).

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    Gamaxp420 commented
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    yeah, this idea is really cool but think about what else we could do when other effects are on us

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    I'm against this. We already have green bubbles that indicate that the player is taking damage from poison

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    Solesteam Bit commented
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    What color would they flash from hunger damage or potions of instant damage?
    this is a great idea since not everyone has their particles enabled but everyone can see another player flash red from damage

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    What if they have wither and poison? What colour? I don't like this there are already the bubbles.