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taming/riding spiders


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    (Topic clarified to add riding part from post)

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    I think only in the day though.


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    Spiders are kept as pets, so taming them would be an interesting idea. 


    Normally I'd say riding something like a spider would be silly, but considering that spider jockeys are a thing it would make sense the player could too.

    Aside from the ideas above, I'd say one advantage the spider has is that in combat it can also bite while you swing from its back.  The downside to a spider would be that it can't move as fast as a horse could.

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    Way too op.  Anybody could kill a cow, find a spider, and have cheap,powerful methods of travel.  What would be the point of finding saddles to ride horses and laying minecart tracks if you can just find any old spider and hop on?  Plus, spiders can climb walls and horses and minecarts can’t.  Horses and minecarts would become dejected and useless.

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    Hyrum Dickson commented

    This is a great idea and should be a part of the game! Silverfish(and eventually termites) could drop "dead bug," and during the day, quite a few of these could eventually tame a spider. Spiders would require a saddle to ride and could not wear horse armor.

    Aside from that, they should be the coolest new battle mount on the block and automatically bite hostile nearby mobs. While not being ridden, they could still fight like wolves do and teleport near the player. They could also be bred with a relatively rare item(golden dead bug) and the resulting baby spider would be tamed. To add further depth, they should just go into idle mode while "sitting" and walk around the nearby area not straying far. Occasionally, if inside, they would spin webs in the owner's house.

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    PushedCoot46 commented


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    maybe you must be wearing a skeleton head to ride it.