How can we improve the existing moving creatures of Minecraft? What are we missing? Please explain what your "new mob" is designed to do, and why it is needed. We are interested in ideas that are unique!

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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow commented

    We're going to leave this thread open, but:


    Perhaps we will eventually find out "what the fox says"!

    Also a strong reminder off topic posts will be removed. Please keep your "agree" and "I voted" posts to a minimum and focus on adding to the discussion (these are considered spam comments and as such, don't really add anything constructive to the foxes idea - but we love seeing your votes as support). 


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    brenn boyer commented

    I like this. Voted!

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    MaceCoronel2 commented

    That's a great idea!! Voted😃

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    WolveReigner781 commented

    This is a fun idea, but the behaviors and functions of the mob may have to be simplified either on this site or by the team if considered for the game, as it is a very complicated, coded behavior as compared to other mobs.

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    Dinorauria commented

    I like the idea of foxes, though this concept should be simplified severely. Rabbits munching on carrots are bad enough, I don't like the idea of a mob purposefully trampling my crops on a path to kill livestock. Nor do I like the idea of something burrowing under fences, though it would make dealing with them interesting.

    Also maybe wild and tamed wolves would have a behavior where they actively chase off foxes, not specifically to kill them though. Also since it's an animal the fox should have a similar spawning mechanic to the wolf, instead of spawning like monsters.

    Also the whole "friendliness" mechanic should be dropped so that they just hunt chickens and whatnot. Maybe being more timid like wild ocelots. And I don't appreciate some woodland vermin dropping off scraps of food at my door. Though I do like the "Potion of Slyness" idea, though I feel like it needs a name change. Maybe a "Potion of Subtlety" instead?

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    WolveReigner781 commented

    @Dinorauria I'm glad to see another comment here that covers specific details and needs.

    I don't really think having foxes spawn at night would be a bad thing, even if it was more similar to the spawning of monsters than the spawning of wolves.  SilverismHD does point out that this is a nocturnal animal, and I think this would actually add some cool dynamism and bridges between the animal and monster mobs.  Besides, the argument that: animal mob spawning should be kept consistently separate from monster spawning mechanics, would not apply so well if owls, a very nocturnal animal, were added.

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    Trystan Skeets commented

    Voted! I agree with the redwood foxes, and yes there should be other exclusive foxes and other biomes, but the friendship thing, maybe u should just make it so u can befriend foxes, like make it so that once its tamed, if u dont treat it correctly it goes away. And the behaviour is a bit complex, just make it so it attacks cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs. But still, I like the idea of having foxes around. Voted!

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    Evan Horth Parisé commented


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    Raphael M commented

    I do like the idea of implementing the fox mob to the game, but I still think that other tweaks and more fundamental ideas should be given more attention

    (though having foxes in game would be really cool)

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    Jonah Miller commented

    Sounds great!

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    Fireytaste commented

    Great idea! But fennec foxes are native to deserts not snowy or cold biomes

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    LlamaLeMan commented

    I really like this idea and how much thought you put into it. You have my vote!

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    Mark Abernathy commented

    Put my vote up today, despite it no longer needing votes.

    Congrats everyone!  We get the Fox!  :)  I hope that this thread gets saved for prosperity in some way.


    We don't know much about the fox, but I'd love to see them be "sly" and "sneaky".  Perhaps they can dig through Dirt Blocks!  So if you don't have a well built chicken coop, then they'll dig UNDER the fence/wall and nab your chickens!


    :)  Again, congrats to the Fox fans!

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    Mark Abernathy commented

    Thought a little bit more about their possible sly/sneaky personality.


    Maybe this is the first mob that can open chests, if only to steal any chicken related items (raw chicken, cooked chicken, eggs).  So if you have an unattended chest with stored eggs, you could catch a fox in action as it steals from your chest.


    Amusing if the chest happens to be a TRAPPED chest.


    Maybe it's sneaky enough to nose through hoppers, droppers, dispensers, and furnaces as well if you aren't watching.   Shulker Boxes are the only inventory they can't sneak into, so they just sit on top and stare at you.  As if to say:  "I know you have chicken." 

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    Damien Begg commented

    I think to distinguish foxes from wolves, if wolves can be tamed, you can sit them, but they don't stay sat unless you either play with or give food to the fox.

    Foxes in real life need a lot of attention, and you can't treat them like dogs at all.

    Thanks for reading :) <3

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    CaptFlagg commented

    Congratulations on the announcement, Silverism. I'm looking forward to experiencing your concept in-game. Foxes all the way!

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    Arabella Chan commented

    I think foxes should be added in to scare away a certain mob, and to help keep the player safe

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    Mark Abernathy commented

    In many cultures and legends, foxes have always been sly/mystical and tricksters.


    How about they spawn in Taiga biomes naturally, and act like foxes ....

    But in all other biomes there's a *rare* chance they'll spawn near the player, and stare at them eerily.  If the player notices and approaches, they fade away ... as if returning to the mystic realm.

    This could give them a very unique function that plays on their historical mythos.  Maybe also put in functionality that if you catch a mythic fox or manage to give him chicken ... he'll reward you with a diamond.  Or perhaps Boots of Swiftness.  :)

    I love the idea of someone working in the middle of the ocean and all the sudden they look up and a fox is sitting, staring at them.  Maybe slight eerie music ... and then they vanish if you stare too long or approach.  :)

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    Shyguytv commented

    I also think they should be added because they could chase away enemies and maybe phantoms could be scared of foxes (just those random ideas, you know) and like SilverismHD said they can not be tamed but you can have a bond with them as they will give you food and if you fed them and their family they could lead you to many animals so you can eat them up, muhahahahaha!!!!!!! That's basically all the ideas I can think of, plz add foxes!

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    AlmondAlpaca370 commented

    It would be cool if foxes could only attack you if you hit them OR if they're hungry

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    PrisonedDawn19 commented

    great idea


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    HorseLover13753 commented

    I think it is a brilliant idea and would love to see it be published in minecraft!! 🦊🦊

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    Eleamac commented

    I would never kill the fox EVER if this gets in then I promise that I will get as much as I can!


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    DeathDragon1198 commented

    Best idea ever!

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    CoolBoyGamerHD commented

    I love the behaviour.Please keep it.

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    PremixedFan9702 commented


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    KatalynDarkness commented

    yasss, if you add foxes ill probly play mincraft a lot more


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    SittingPark9663 commented

    RED FOX <3

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    WolfEmpress1628 commented

    I voted love it!!

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    Mohammad Abd alkrem commented

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