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Combat: Armor/Weapons add weight


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    Moje Falanero commented
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    Yeah, that would finally make leather armor and armor stands more useful!

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    DeliCat1300 commented
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    I've been having the same idea for a while, it forces the player to think about the armor/weapons they use instead of going straight for diamond all the time. However, I'd also like to add a couple ideas of my own:

    • Gold should be really heavy despite its overall mediocrity, however, this is compensated for with an XP boost provided by equipping gold items.
    • A simple new tier should be added which is only slightly above leather called "hardened leather" and only applies to armor.
    • The ability to combine armor components. Say, the ability to make a chestplate that is part leather and part iron, or part iron and part gold (to gain a slight XP boost), with the properties of both materials combining.
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    JaydenHax1614 commented
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    ah nononononononononononononononoonoonooooooo it should be a gamerule or something

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    Chillbear ‎ commented
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    I agree with this post, and it would be nice if we took less knockback with heavier armour.

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    Manasa Miller commented
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    we need this in-game!!!

    I was going to suggest this myself, actually, but after seeing this I don't have to!

    (Also, this needs more votes...)