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Pet hunger (specifically dogs and cats)


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    No. Just No.

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    Zomlox commented

    i don't want my pets to die...... but it would be more real life though

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    interesting, but teedious i dont know how to spell that...

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    GameSquirrel1 commented

    Big No.

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    ChocoPene5301 commented

    Great idea but it should be better if you don't NEED to feed them, what if they could get their own food, I don't know, cats killing fishes and dogs killing sheeps?

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    Senn101 commented

    I don't like the idea of pet hunger bars, but having a food bowl sounds like fun. I think that would fit well with the suggestion of trained pets, so that they can go back home and heal themselves if they take damage while doing something :)

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    surv1vor53 commented

    I dont like the idea of a food meter for pets, I do like the idea of a food bowl so you can have them heal from that vs feeding each one by hand.