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Fire Physics


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    yes please. i despise how fire spread works in this game. it leaves entirely unburnt blocks just floating in the air and everything about is so ugly. making the blocks actually burn to ash and fall would be much nicer

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    Perhaps instead of going straight to cinders we could first get charred wood in order to better provide a realistic fire spread in the sense at least of not leaving so many floating blocks?

    We really should find a use for the ash if we want this to have a substantial chance of being implemented. The first clear use I could find for ash is in compost though due to the salt content too much could hurt the plants. Second clear use is to remove stains or in this case for specifically remove dyes.

    The third and best use is to refine it for the salt content which would give it a good niche if salt is added to the game and proves useful. Based on wood ash composition after salt is extracted the result would be roughly equivalent to bone meal. I will now eventually write a suggestion asking for salt to be added to the game, thank you for the inspiration.