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Have Magma Cubes & Slimes Grow Into their Large Size (by slow rate and/or player feeding)


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    That sounds great, except why cocoa beans?

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    I want to add on specifically for Slimes: since they are able to uproot crops when they are hopping about, they should be able to “consume” them, and after so many they would grow in size, this only applies to the largest naturally spawned slimes, with a limit of 1-2 size growths. If they die, they will still split into the second smallest size.

    The 2 smallest sizes could only grow when 3 of equal size converge.

    And a play on them consuming items, the last item consumed will be added to the slimes loot pool and has a chance to drop, if it does not drop, the item will be added to the child slimes loot pool, and each child slime would be able to drop the item, potentially duplicating the item.

    What would limit this, is the chance for not enough child slimes to spawn from a slain slime preventing reconverging.