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The Raccoon - Thief of night.


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    I love the idea of Raccoons stealing crops and food items from chests, however I wouldn't be on board with the idea that they steal all items.  This isn't normal Raccoon behavior, and Minecraft often wants to convey a realistic message about animal life.  Raccoons aren't "thieves" ... they just gain that moniker due to their appearance and their natural inclination to scrounge for food.  (Which humans have a lot of)

    In addition, I don't think introducing "Rabies" is a good idea.  Rabies is responsible for the death of many pets.  Introducing it could be opening old wounds for some, and using it as a "tool" for pvp gameplay could be seen as bad taste.


    In summary, I think raccoons are a great idea.  Especially if in the process of scrounging for their food, they come across a player's chest.

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    Mc Rat commented

    Great idea. I love the stealing idea, however I think it should have some limits like only carrying max. 3 different items at once, or can't pick up entire stacks. Or both.

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    TitanXGames commented

    I like this idea but i think that they should also take dropped items too

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    Love the idea of raccoons. Scrounging through chests and stealing a small number of items is perfect. It does make sense that they'd mostly take food items, and just individual items (no stacks). They could also be attracted to houses or villages at night, like real raccoons looking through trash for scraps (even though there's no "trash cans" in Minecraft).

    Besides the random drops, other drops could include a raccoon tail (or coonskin cap). Not sure what the tail could be used for - a potion ingredient maybe? Also, IRL raccoons catch fish, frogs, etc., basically a lot of their food comes from the water, so another drop could be fish and/or fish bones.

    Rabies does sound like it's probably bit too much.

    Since Raccoons live near water, the Swamp biome does sound good for their main spawn area. Also Forest biomes in general, especially near rivers.

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    Slydante10423 commented

    I feel like Raccoons would be a great addition! 

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    Yesss racoons would just be awesome if added to the game 😍😍