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    Thbosboii93 commented

    they already have this with education edition


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    AAWWEESSOOMMEE7 commented

    I’m talking about Java Edition not Windows 10/Pocket etc.

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    CRYSTALCHILD23 commented



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    TheMcExplorer commented

    If this was implemented as a /command it would make a few custom content creations so much easier, especially with the new functions.

    Right now it's nearly impossible make a land/air mob fully controllable by the player when mounted. Even with the new scripting!
    If there was a /fly command I could make it appear like your riding said mob when in fact it's riding you.
    Until the devs fine tune the controllability of mounted flying mobs this would be an acceptable placeholder. Not to mention the usefullness of being able to activate fly without going into creative mode.

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    Dinorauria commented

    /morph @p bat

    And done.

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