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Adjust Squid Spawning For Balance With Other Ocean Mobs


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    Or you could just have parity with Bedrock and have squids only spawn in oceans.  (I'm not sure you want this.  You will have no access to ink if you spawn far away from an ocean.  The only other source is fishing, and that isn't a reasonable source)

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    @ClayGoddessSari I've considered this while posting.  Basically it would be nicer to just see squids spawn rates nerfed a little and not spawning in the oddest of places, or at a rate that stands out in lakes and rivers.  And as ink sacs are more of a decorative resource than a vital survival item, it's not as much trouble for a player to travel in survival mode to go to another biome in some cases.  Spawning in a desert biome would give the same amount of trouble obtaining ink sacs as obtaining wood, which is just as important.  Squids may not be entirely gone from deserts, just by small luck they could be in rivers or ocean inlets that border hot/warm biomes from other biomes.

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    Squid in real life are prevalent EVERYWHERE.  They are in all oceans. 


    I would say they may need a slight readjustment.  Perhaps lower the spawn rate, resize them more accordingly (smaller), and perhaps give them variant colors and have them spawn in different oceans based on color.

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    @Mark Abernathy I'm not saying spawn rates should be low or absent in some ocean variants, it should be lower in lakes, rivers, and other inland waters.

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    I want them rarer too. Whenever i try to fish i catch them instead either that or salmon