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Gamemode for Builders/Faster Building (was: A new gamemode)


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    I agree!

    It would also be helpful for the movement be snapped to a grid, making it easier to build things straight across, or diagonally!

    (The above feature is console exclusive and I think it should be apart of every Minecraft version.)

    Amending one of your ideas (“It can have a way of building stuff quicker by being able to place more than one of the same block”), a button or option could be used so that when you place a block, it randomly chooses one of the blocks in your hot bar. (Useful for texturing)

    About the “Helper” mob/entity.

    You could make an action and the helpers copy that action depending on what you say. (Like Copy and Paste. (However, the /clone command is similar to this.))


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    yeeeeeeeesss 👍👍👍 I agreer