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Add a Freezing Status Effect, Fur-Trimmed Armor, and a Warming effect to Torches & Fire (Edited)

under review


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    GitRekt228 commented
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    Very well-explained, i liked that, but your idea is pointless without a reason to explore cold locations. Nobody will risk protection for fur armor if there will be no boss or dungeon in mountains (or underground).

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    puwub commented
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    For desert biomes and the nether, this could be a heatstroke problem, fixed by not wearing armor, drinking regular water bottles, fire protection enchantments, or fire resistance from the extreme heat of the sun in the desert and the nether literally being the underworld. This could make players vulnerable and harder to survive mobs because you're forced to take off your armor without the potion or water. Similar could happen in oceans, ice spikes, and icebergs. One thing I noticed with the Update Aquatic is that they literally added different temperature of waters, supposedly for different variations of mobs spawning, but they never went further than that. I'm thinking people would have to do similarly underwater depending on it's temperature. For the cold biomes, freezing shouldn't be as bad until it starts snowing, or maybe add snowstorms and sandstorms. In the desert, like I said, it isn't much of a problem until sandstorms hit. You can also stay chilled with different variations of ice blocks, snow, possibly blue fire, etc. If you die, the death messages could mention heatstroke and hypothermia. When you are burned from lava or fire sources, the meter should go up dramatically, so fire is much more of a threat.

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    WolFrost07 commented
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    I like this! it gives water bottles another use, besides potions. it also is just THAT much more immersive, and it gives you reasons to prepare before adventures!

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    SilkyTadpole8 commented
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    With the upcoming update, goat fur is a very realistic option to add to the fur list.

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    Oliver Hay commented
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    It would also be cool if there was an overheating effect which could happen when you enter the nether without fire protection or fire resistance.