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Add a Freezing Status Effect, Fur-Trimmed Armor, and a Warming effect to Torches & Fire (Edited)

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    Cincibilis commented

    I wouldn't make the player die from this effect. Most players would be too annoyed by that. The best would be to make "freezing" the opposite of the "health boost" or "absorption" effect and the maximum amount of health you loose should be determined by difficulty settings.

    Maybe there should also be a similar effect for hot biomes. Probably like this:
    Hot biomes: max hunger decrease
    Cold biomes: max health decrease

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    I like this idea! This is a great addition to survival mode

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    amrtarek ct commented

    I gree with that even with some freezing vasiual effects on the edge of the screen

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    BLAZ3 the cat commented

    I don't like this idea at all. If they were to add this (which they shouldn't) they should make it optional because this seem's super annoying more than fun. Not to hate on your ideas, I just don't agree with it. Like I said they should make it optional if they were to add it. *Edit was for proper punctuation.*

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    Robin Sell commented

    Great Idea should totally bei n the game but in my opinion it should be disable able in a gamerule so if some dont want it they can turn it off

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    I know many don't want to have a base in snow biomes, but this will not help, instead reinforcing that desire to live elsewhere.

    But a cool idea nonetheless

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    And it would make you a little bit slower

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    I thinks this would be a great way to make the game more interactive. And it would finally add more of a challenge to the colder biomes than just walk in walk out

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    Cool idea becous of more interesting biomes (snowi tundra and taiga now look like they are not cold)

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    I believe leather armor on it's own should be insulated, but otherwise would be a great addition to the game.

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    I think freezing should be a gamerule because some new players might find this very confusing. I also think that instead of having to place the brewing stand on an ice block, you should make a fire resistence potion then add a fermented spider eye turning it into a health potion similer with how if you have a health potion and add a fermented spider eye it becomes a potion of harming and vice versa.

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    CyanBrook commented

    May I add to this, this should only be active in high difficulty, and armor should conduct the cold so you freeze faster without insulation of fur items!

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    I have a separate post on a hostile snow mob that could inflict or provide potion ingredients for the Freezing status effect:

    Add Hostile Snow Mobs: Grovels and Grovelwraiths (edited)