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Ocean spawning Guardians (was: Gaurdians)


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    That's a good idea

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    By 'rare' do you mean, drowned rare, dungeon rare, or charged creeper rare.

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    First of all, I think drowned should be more common. Anyway, I'm not too sure. They definitely shouldn't be as rare as charged creepers (I've never encountered one) Like as rare as witches.

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    I disagree.  The bizarreness of the guardians needs to stay exclusive to Ocean Monuments & keep the structure's special uniqueness to itself.  The problem you're addressing is the ocean's lack of many hostile water mobs.  The answer to this is not making guardians more common, but to add more hostile water mobs like sharks, eels, or other additional water monsters as being suggested on this site.

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    Other hostile water mobs would be better in any case but the reason I want the guardians to spawn in the oceans is to make them more useful. Instead of them being a one time sight.

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    Maybe there should be a new abyss biome where guardians spawn?