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Water Dragon

under review


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    What would it drop?

    How much health would it have?


    there are many questions

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    I like this idea but you need to get ''deeper'' ;) in details for it to make sense.

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    I voted... that does sound interesting... but details?

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    I think a new dimension would be great and a water boss would really top off the new aquatic updates

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    lmlzeen commented

    Or you could make the Water Dragon as a kind of rare aggressive ocean mob. It could be Minecraft's "Moby-Dick," a very dangerous creature with lots of health, but drops lots of valuable loot when killed.

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    I agree I'd love to see this, it'd really make the new Trident a must have item. Right now oceans don't feel that deadly so a hardcore ocean dimension or biome would be perfect.

    I think something on par with the Enderdragon stats wise would be fine, perhaps they could make new underwater lantern like items which float in place where you put them (like an underwater mine like design), make the whole dimension pitch black so you have to use them to explore (possible a few different coloured). 

    Maps shouldn't work at all, this would encourage players into creating some sort of tracking system using the new lanterns, some new deep sea monsters would be ideal too, Naga, Sharks and undead pirates would be a blast!

    Perhaps there could be an underwater mount that'd be challenging to acquire, maybe a Wyrm or giant eel type creature. it'd allow for the dimension to be vast and add to the feel of it being quite desolate.

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    Dinorauria commented

    Why is it that people are always leaving suggestions for stuff in alternate dimensions? We could just have this thing wander around a special part of the overworld, just not a specific biome. Besides, I'd love to have some kind of giant sea monster as a boss you would just find existing in the world. Maybe give it say, 120 health points (60 units of health) and have it deal similar values of damage to the ender dragons basic charge attack. Maybe have it drop a bunch of digested fish, some special teeth, or rarely a heart of the sea. Since we still don't know where those things and the tridents came from. Also I'd like to kin as a Sea Serpent or something simpler, because calling it a dragon would be pushing things.

    Just don't make it look like a guardian, because those things are freaky.

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    CentricSun7 commented

    I would say to have a different dimension, with the portal having conduit like powers allowing the user to freely breathe there with a water dragon, with it having 33% or 50% more health than an End Dragon, my reasoning for this is that being a water based dragon it needs to survive under water, with all that water pressure. Instead of having enderman, have phantom like creatures based on manta rays (not sure what these would drop though). Instead of having an island floating, I would do the opposite, where it's at the bottom with the player swimming from above, could have a similar approach with the End dragon with towers that would replenish the health, but this time more of them being lower down instead of high up, as the player would come in from above.

    Similar to End cities there could be Atlantis like cities instead, with standard shulkers there as well, as they would fit in, instead of End ships have submarines, and instead Elytra have flippers, which would have the same sort of effect but under water. I also propose having a gold trident as treasure, slightly more powerful than normal tridents maybe 0.5 - 0.75 higher, but a lot less durable, as gold tends to be.

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    ClockSpiral . commented

    I feel like a Water Dragon should be only an extremely rare spawnable in the Deep Ocean Biome. 
    It should also have a look similar to the "Blue Dragon Sea Slug":

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    ztirffritz commented

    How would you breath?

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    TyRexASaur commented

    Same I want dragons!!!

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    Blast Burner commented

    Clock I love your picture suggestion and I agree. More details then just bigger then Ender Dragon and the portal to the Deep please.

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    GodRage Aonwa commented

    Water dragon must be kind of asian dragon. (aquatic dragon...)
    Should appear randomly and rarely in the oceans/rivers.
    Once almost dead, it opens a temporary portal(few minutes, or until next day same time) and run away to a temporary other dimension.
    This temporary dimension block's are not minable.
    This temporary dimension is a dungeon/adventure, water based (because it's a water dragon that has been killed).
    This temporary dimension will be destroyed once the boss (water dragon) is killed.
    The boss will loot rare things. Especially a "Water Dragon Tears" that can be used into potions to make them everlasting ! (everlasting, until the player die)

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    U want water dragon too

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    And don’t forget your blobfish!

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    I think this is a great idea! If added, it could be the beginning of adding more magical creatures to the game! I mean, we have the Ender Dragon and the End, but why can’t we have more? I would love to hear more about this new dimension. You’re going to need a portal block though. 

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    fort nite commented

    Underwater monsters are creepy especially when you can't escape the water quickly

    Maybe the dimension can have underwater villages or big reefs so I'm not too afraid to go there and fight a loch ness monster while also drowning because I didn't bring enough water breathing potions.

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    Chuyito 7 7 commented

    Entre es nuevo bioma podría aver criaturas abisales
    Calamares gigantes
    O diversas formas de vida en las profundidades del oceano

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    Cahshwyga commented

    Yesss, just like how there is the end dungeon with the portal, instead in the deepest ocean of the map have a huge underwater trench which leads to a hidden underwater world with a sea monster like a serpent or kraken or anything would br awesome. The ender dragon and wither are awesome boss mobs id love more

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    EmeraldPigz commented

    It would be cool if the portal were in ocean monuments so that the guardians are actually guarding something other than mediocre loot (gold and sponges).

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    A new boss?

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    I think a dimension, will be great for exploring, along with the dragon

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    Id lowe water dragon to looks like Chinese water dragon see sneak for the model they can use Gyarados from pikselmon mod.

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    Defiantly. We need a whole set of different types of dragons including a water dragon.

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    If we have too many dragons they would loose their rarity in-game. It would be awesome to have a giant sea serpent!

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    Ok amigo nececito detalles y una pregunta cómo serían esos otros mobs

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    Spencer2585 commented

    What if the dragon was found in the dimension proposed in the kraken post. It is possible considering both are under review. Just a thought.