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This category is for feedback/ideas related to the Minecraft franchise, not gameplay. No support issues, lists of general ideas, or bug posts please!


Discussion: What Makes Minecraft (some tips on vanilla Minecraft Ideas)


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    Excellent discussion, thank you for posting. I will say that based on the conversations I've had, it seems that the team here is generally going to accept all feedback at first. Only after the devs have had a chance to discuss something and conclude it will not be added (thus this article) will ideas be deleted for reasons like this. 

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    I think it's also important that Minecraft is a first-person perspective game. Therefore, things like the morph mod interfere with the "me vs. the world" mentality of Minecraft.

    I'd also say another key idea is that, arguably, you as the player should be the most dynamic entity in the game. This is why I dislike requests for villagers to do quests, or cities buzzing with activity, or a Herobrine mob that can build things and stalk you, etc.

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    @MacchuPicchu96 thanks for your input!  I like your points about first-person and player-dynamism.  Those are very true in this game as well.  And one thing about your non-preference for "villagers to do quests", is that what you would think on a suggestion for a villager or additional mob that rewards the player for doing a certain or random high advancement?  Just curious.

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    @WolveReigner I was thinking more along the lines of villagers that can be paid to go complete quests for you or be hired to go explore/fight mobs with you - basically anything that asks for other mobs to act like a player would. What you mentioned sounds potentially interesting and I wouldn't outright dismiss a well-thought-out post about it.

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    I really encourage interested folks to promote this topic (maybe with those neat share buttons) and help generate more discussion - I'm watching this thread fairly close because the feedback site is generally only as strong as the community makes it. Having an open and frank discussion about what that means is a great start and getting lots of voices in here to talk about it will only help!

    We can guide and nudge folks (and our "Previously Considered" page is the first step on that path) from the official side, but really this is a community site so thanks for starting this thread!

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    Even though this absolutely fits in website, I think it's also a good meta discussion about "the spirit" of Minecraft and could also fit nicely in Minecraft (General). I'll pop it over there for visibility sake but if you object please just feel free to edit the topic and move it back over. :)