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Please make a utility which can add sea plants into the old-version chunks (Java Edition)


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    This kind of thing has never been done before (as best as I know) and probably will never be done. Old generation should be left alone.....

    Instead, perhaps you can think of it as a project you can do yourself! Install a conduit so you can breathe underwater, collect a bunch of kelp from a newly generated ocean, and start planting it; you can use bonemeal to spawn in seagrass, too. It will probably take a while but it should look pretty good afterwards!

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    淳浩 傅 commented
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    @MacchuPicchu96 The project would be considerably huge... I'd rather take it as a last resort. I think perhaps the reason why Mojang has never done this kind of thing before is that after re-generating a whole chunk, the consistency of the terrain is difficult to preserve. But this time we won't have these problems; it should be relatively much easier!

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    RobotZap10000 commented
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    Hao Hao Fu remember, kelp grows from 1 block!

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    Cybershot24 commented
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    This doesn't really need to be done for Java, as there are already world editors that can do it for you. However, there is no world editor for Bedrock, and the same problem persists. You can selectively choose to regenerate chunks around your build with MCedit.

    If anything, there should be a way to regenerate those chunks in bedrock edition.



    Old generation should be left alone is your opinion. Mine is that we should have more control over worlds because it gets frustrating having to switch worlds or move everything very far whenever a new update comes out.