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The Amazing Axolotl!


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    Ontvlambaar commented

    I love axolotls. It would definitely make sense seeing them appear in game as one of the new aquatic songs by C418 is called 'axolotl' and Mojang posted Rabahrex' axolotl statue on Minecraft.net.

    There, however, is a downside and that's the size of the axolotl. Axolotls are relatively small - they fit in one hand. Translating that size into Minecraft would cause the axolotl to be about one fourth of a block in size, which would mean that the axolotl would be the smallest mob in game (yes, smaller than the bat). The hit box of the animal would be very small too, making them hard to hit. Then there's 'adult' axolotls (they never really become adult, no metamorphosis), which are definitely bigger, but lose the cute factor. Due to this, I doubt the axolotl would ever be part of Minecraft, but they're cute. And in other news, who would hit such a cuddly amphibian? 

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    Thank you for letting me know. I will change the size.

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    Can"t you put it to the 1.20

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    XxjosepjxX commented


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    Impulse Rumbl commented

    Would be nice to get added

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    I made a 3D model of the Axolotl. If you like it, please feel free to include it in your suggestion.


    Swimming animation:


    Stationary Axolotl:

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    CraftyAdventurer, I'm on phone, so I dont know how I can attach the image, but amazing job man. I'll make sure to credit you in the post. Thank you.

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    omg omg if they add axolotls to minecraft i will be so happy

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    shojoweeb commented

    Hi, I would like to include this in a mod as a proof of concept, CraftyAdvnturer, is there anyway I can get the texture model for the Axolotl, I will be crediting.

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    Sammydoodlew commented

    Maybe there could even be different color variations, such as green, black, or gold!

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    FooxDude99 commented

    CraftyAdvnturer, great model, Dude! One thing that slightly bugged me though was that the gill flaps were straight not tilted, like real axolotls it should have slightly flapped back gills, Hope you understand! 

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    VoxSmash commented

    Axolotls should be tamable

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