Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things!

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    StarKittychu commented

    I have a idea how it will be crafted! Wood and... Mmm... Something that will make fire? OH! Flint and steel! Good idea! How about the marshmallow crafting? Sugar in furnace? I don't know.

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    Raphael M commented

    I find it a good idea, and you could have the ability to cook food on it

    (but not melt minerals like on furnace)

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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow commented

    Looking for a campfire? The Biome vote for MINECON Earth announced this as part of the Taiga video:


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    Mark Abernathy commented

    Can't wait to see what happens here!


    Maybe it can leave an ash block behind?  Or perhaps ash as a drop item, that can be used in a potion? 

    Can there be different wood variant campfires?

    Will they cause forest fires?  Will they ward off Strays?  Will they attract bears?


    Can't wait to see how this is implemented!

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    RomaqRosher commented

    I was thinking about campfires, and the problems we have in the Pacific Northwest with wildfires. If I came across a real-life campfire, I'd be horribly upset at the risk. California has seen so much damage. But I thought it would be nice in a "perfect world" to stumble upon life in Minecraft as if someone else was just around the corner, such as a campfire briefly unattended. But then the smile faded. Nope... nope... nope. This is exactly what we *DO NOT WANT* to people to be lax about. We have homes and businesses destroyed because of some moron flicking a cig out the window on a highway.

    I don't want to be a pain about this, but I'd like Campfires to be in the area of YOU get to make it, but YOU are responsible to not burn down the freakin' forest.

    Please, let's get this right. I really want Campfires in Minecraft. But this summer has been deadly, and I've seen the Redmond Mojang office pictures showing the blood-red sun and smoky, unnatural sky. Please, let's get this right.

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    darkstalker7897 commented

    I think they should be a way to cook food faster than a furnace but cant smelt ores and it takes longer to make wood,and turn it into charcoal,and also (if theres a duration) it should drop charcoal when it dies out

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    urbeatle commented

    If campfires are purely aesthetic, I'd like to see them act almost like horizontal item frames that only accept fuel. Placing a log in the firepit displays a stack of three small logs, while placing coal displays a pile of small coal briquettes. Flint and steel starts the fire.

    To make them functional, add a new item: roasting spit. This would display a single food item placed on the spit. A more elaborate idea would be to allow cauldrons to be placed over firepits and give them an interface similar to a brewing stand, but only used to make soup and stew. To make it simple, food items are added one at time, and each food item added increases the food and saturation value of the stew by a small amount. Cauldrons hold up to three bowls of stew.

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    thonylim2013 commented

    I have an idea! how about this,when you make a campfire and place it on the ground but no fire, here's how make fire you can use your flint and tap it on the campfire and wallah!!! FIRE!!! but you have to keep the fire alive right? So why not feed more woods to keep it alive, just tap it on the campfire put wood in it and also you can cook your food, just for emergency to keep you alive from starvation. I don't know if it work but hopefully will work

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    KatalynDarkness commented

    I agree

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    Ray Diaz commented

    It would be awesome if we could somehow make smoke signals!

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    승헌 전 commented

    How about ability to roast multiple foods at once

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    Eric Gro commented

    I want to add here, what Rendog said in the after-show of the Minecon 2018 stream considering campfires:


    A new way to sleep!


    It would be awesome if campfires enables the player to sleep through the night without setting a new spawn point. Now, to sleep and skip the night when exploring the world, you have to carry a bed with you, put it down, sleep and break it to move on. When you die, you respawns at the world spawn, and not at your house/base because by breaking the bed, the spawn point is reset. With this campfire feature, you can sleep wherever the campfire is AND respawn next to your bed when you die.

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    theningamer55 commented

    Make it with flint and steel and stripped oak log

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    Votelesskhajiit commented

    Campfire could be like a beacon. Nothing can spawn within 30 blocks of it in each direction

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    Madison Ramey commented

    This sounds like a great idea I'm all for it

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    R Sangster commented

    To make the campfire, maybe have it be some logs in a crafting table (4 in an inverted T like the obsidian in an enchantment table) and you light it with any means of starting a fire. It could have a healing effect if you're near it (1/2 the rate of regeneration I, effect called "Comfort") and it would cook any cookable food thrown on top.

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    Jose Pineda commented

    Yo creo que en caso de las fogatas no seria bueno que solo la usaras una vez, estaría bien que al darle clic se abriera un menú para introducir madera, y que mientras llevas un mechero en la mano y la tocas ahora si encendiera.

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    killer05907 commented

    i thin its a good idea


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    Zerosuperset555 commented

    We should have campfires because u could make food

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    arijasonyeah123 commented

    To be able to make a marshmallow, the crafting recipe should consist of 2 sugar and 1 gelatin material in a crafting table, shapeless. The gelatin material (unnamed yet) should have a chance to be dropped from a pig, horse, cow, etc, or by putting flesh of some sort in a crafting table to output 1. What do you think?

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    Rononic commented

    Greetings! :-)

    I have a suggestion! Campfires sound great, the whole idea of setting up camp and lighting a nice warm fire sounds really enjoyable!

    Encouraging you to stay out and perhaps with new night sounds, it would truly immerse the player! Yet hostile mobs interrupting would ruin the immersion... so to keep them away would be nice!


    ~ Campfires; Adding the loom was a great idea, the ease to craft banners is very nice! And giving banners their own block! : )

    Cooking food inside a hot, flaming furnace is good... for ores... But would destroy food. Campfires could cook food, separating ores and food into their own separate blocks.

    ~ Cauldrons; On the line of fires being the new block for food, a friend and I were discussing cauldrons and thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to enhance them! Cauldrons in the real world are often used using a fire. People use them for making stews and soups and usually in large quantities. So more food! =D

    • Our idea was if you had a campfire set, you click on it while holding a cauldron and the cauldron would rest over it.
    • Pour in your water, and throw in your ingredients for cooking!

    It would work well with the new stews in the game. Throwing in the right ingredients will obviously result in giving you your desired stew, yet throwing in just anything will result in some sort of... mysterious stew? :D That mess of a stew could have anything in it... would be interesting to have it generate in witch huts.

    And of course, clicking on the cauldron with a bowl will give you your stew or soup.

    • Potions have their own block; the brewing stand. I don't think they should be entwined with the cauldron.

    The cauldron and campfire should be the blocks for making food. Campfires should cook all cookable foods! =D

    Personally, opening up a U.I. would ruin the feeling of making a late-night stew so physically throwing in ingredients and interacting that way would be pretty neat! : )

    Throwing and missing the cauldron won't burn the items... the cauldron should make the fire safe while it's resting over it.


    Finally, to make campfires that much more useful, the minecraft:fire block stays, but can't be lit using flint and steel. Flint and steel still lights Nether portals and can now be used to light campfires.

    A visual bundle of sticks would be an indicator to how much fuel is left on your fire, throwing/placing/clicking sticks onto the fire will grow the pile and last longer.


    Campfires can also help players with those mess of torches... if they do ward away hostile mobs, they would be a lot more effective than torches everywhere : /

    If they only ward away certain mobs such as zombies and skeletons, more intelligent mobs like the new Pillagers won't be affected and in fact, they could set up their own camps outside of villages to taunt them and spawn around their campfire until their work is done or the camp is destroyed.

    These are just our suggestions and ideas of what we'd love to see!

    Thank you! :D

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    TartanCactus272 commented

    I have an idea, you know the green villagers, the ones who do not do anything, I'd think it would be nice if they were from camps scattered across the map, with campfire, full camp

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    ghostboy1225 commented

    why not have camp fires nullify mob spawning in a X chunk radius?

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    BitLemonTopia commented

    Maybe instead of crafting marshmallows you can find them in abandoned campsites

    just a thought 

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    Ilovekittys24 commented


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    imakittywiddy2 commented

    Berrie marshmellow!

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    TheAlphaWolf810 commented

    i thoonk if you do add a campfire in minecraft you should have to first place a piece of string or gunpowder and then use flint and steel to light it thats my opinion

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    Stina112010 commented


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    CatNaudia09 commented

    It's a good idea, but can you make the campfire cause wild fires? I ask this because I (and like, a million other people) want humans to understand the damage a wildfire can do. Not just to homes and businesses, but to lives. Wild fires have torn innocent families apart and we need to find a way to stop them. So in minecraft, people can see wild fires and also see how they are no joking matter. Thus, the will learn how to put out wild fires. My speech is now over ; ) 

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    hannahbell2005 commented

    Tents and sleeping bags 

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