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Cross platform voice chat for better together


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    gw153hewitt commented

    Voice communication would be a great addition to the Bedrock edition as it would definitely enhance the community feel to realms and servers.

    Phones and tablets already have mics build in with options for hands free devices and headsets for consoles and PCs are easy to come by.

    Having environmental variables applied to the voice audio would enhance the game environment, especially on large public realms and servers.  Some examples are volume being reduced by distance, or having an echo effect applied when in a cave.  Also a person facing you will have full volume, but when to the side 90% volume and away 70% volume.  This will allow 2 people to have a clear conversation when close and facing each other, but also add a background noise when in a busy public community center.  If 2 people want a private talk, they just need to walk to a distant location.  Maybe even use a similar algorithm used for light to determine voice volume.  That way people can go into a closed room to have a quiet conversation.

    Also there should be a button to quickly mute the mic in case a player needs to talk with someone in the real world without being heard on line.

    If harassment and profanity are a concern, have options on the server for recording the audio for later auditing.  Voice to text software would allow programs to automatically search for questionable content.

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    RomaqRosher commented

    There are too many other cross-platform voice options including Discord, TeamSpeak, and Mumble. Those have advantages of full, dedicated support of VoIP by their developers along with plugins and ways to enhance the experience with Minecraft. Mojang still seems to have a hard enough time just trying to handle the Minecraft base game. I don't think I really trust or care to have Mojang duplicate VoIP offerings through Minecraft.

    Also, Ark: Survival Evolved has voice built-in on their server. Everyone on my server used TeamSpeak instead, which allows us to have chat rooms, or simply not bother to login to the server at all and simply have a quite "private" session without having the distraction of others on voice playing.

    I really can't support this one for how my wife, my friends, and I play Minecraft.

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    TONPROHD485 commented

    But how can you voice chat with your friends on Switch?

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    I really hope they add this

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    SenchanX3 commented

    i need the voice chat for play with my friends so please input the voice chat like other games, its not very difficult.

    thanks ;D