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Irthwurm - A Desert Mini-Boss


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    I really like this idea!  I think this an interesting way to give the well structure more purpose, and a really cool way to make spectral arrows a useful to important enchanted weapon.

    The only issue I have is with the mechanics of the boss's attacks.  I don't know how and by what coding the game can render for sand-rippling.  It could be the conversion of a circle of sand blocks to their falling sand form that players can sink through.  But other than that, I'm no expert on whether or not something like that could slow down the game's performance.

    Along with the drops you mention, I think it should also drop a bit of glowstone dust for crafting replacement Spectral Arrows.  I would also rename the "worm altar" block the "irthwurm egg".

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    why would it drop lapis luzuli? what would sandy scales be used for? otherwise, good idea!

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    TheMcExplorer commented
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    Sand particles could fix the burrowing problem.

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    Nox cgt commented
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    Lapis Lazuli was treasured in ancient Egypt. "Sandy Scale" in the text is a link to a separate suggestion you can click.