How can we make the biomes and dimensions you explore better? What biomes or dimensions are we currently missing? Why do we need them and what makes them unique?

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    MacchuPicchu96 commented

    Interesting idea. Dinnerbone has said that if he could add one thing to Minecraft, it would be pandas, so you've got that going for you at least :)

    Also, your written English may not be grammatically perfect, but it is perfectly understandable, and that's what counts most.

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    Mark Abernathy commented

    Be interesting to see if they take more from this idea.  They've announced Bamboo Forest, which appears to be a sub-biome of the Jungle.  

    However it would be amazing as a separate biome, with a Bamboo M for mountainous bamboo forest.  An asian inspired temple would be nice, but I think a Bamboo village and villagers would be amazing as well.

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    Blulightning59 commented

    I personally love to have an asian theme biome to explore. My add-on thinking is what kind of boats could fit in this theme? Any special kind of things could we do with bamboo? Asian food sources as plants or animals? And dangerous animals you would have to avoid or kill if provoked.?

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    Benno Kunze commented

    It‘s very cool. When give it is for Pe

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    PlusAngelicaa15 commented

    It could be great if you add them to 1.7 version of the minecraft!

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    ElvishWinner684 commented

    Can't wait!

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    TravelByTrain commented

    Both mountains and bamboo forests exists in Minecraft.

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