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An Additional End Mob: the Enderlisk


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    Cole Brown commented

    I love this idea, because you need a lot of materials to re-summon the enderdragon, like the dragon egg, ghast tears (which are a chore to gather), and eyes of ender. So, thanks for suggesting this!

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    Love the idea especially the use of the enderlisk spit.

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    TheMcExplorer commented

    Would love to see it spawn near this place: The Tangle (New end Biome)

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    Neat drawing totally depicts what I thought it looked like :)

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    You have my vote! That's a great drawing btw. 

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    IMG0INGPR0 commented

    First off amazing creativity and drawing the reasoning is good too so i love this idea

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    Please mojang please add this mob to the game 

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    Blast Burner commented

    Anything combined with a lizard is an automatic yes from me.

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    Voted and followed. Firstly, I really like the idea of this being a kind of "mini-boss", the first of its kind in Minecraft; secondly, I would definitely support the addition of new reptillian and/or mythical-type creatures to the game, and this seems to be an excellent example of both.

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