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Pro Realms


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    Minecraft Realms is our monthly subscription service that lets up to 10 friends play Minecraft together in the safety of your own online realm. Sure, it’s pretty good… but what if we massively expanded it, all for the same price? With Realms Plus, you still get access to a 10-player Realm for you and your friends, but you’ll also receive more than 50 pieces of content from the Minecraft Marketplace, at no extra cost! We’ll be adding new Marketplace content to your Realms Plus subscription every month, and we’ll have more details to share about this soon


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    ChazzyWuzzy commented

    Stronger bedrock realms would be amazing! I help run a busy realm we are often pushing the limits quickly and are forced to reset when members don't wants. Also love the idea of allowing more then 10 people! I will pay for this!

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    As a realm owner, I would GLADLY upgrade to a pro realm just so friends can all be online at the same time. We're pushing the 50 member limit and often have more than 10 people wanting online during planned events, and it would be a relief to be able to have everyone able to get online at the same time, even if it meant having to pay more for a realm.

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    Rodj71 commented

    Yes please. Our realm is bulging with members lately, and for a weekly gatherings / Events often there are those who cannot participate, double or treble the number of players who could get on at the same time would be fantastic.

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    SheyLunaradia commented

    Oh absolutely! This is great and more admin tools to help better manage the realm would be wonderful! If we could see that someone hasn't been in realm for a few months, with no word/reason, then we can take them off for room for another player. Events are huge in our realm and many can't join because we have a full house. Chunk management would be amazing as well. This would be a great advancement in game play. I barely even play on a world anymore cause I'd rather play with my friends, who I only met because of realms. 

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    Mithrais8285 commented

    this is an excellent idea. our realm is constantly bringing in prospective recruits and sometimes veteran players get left out of our weekly events because of the 10+1 limitation in player slots. 20-30 slots would definitely be worth a little extra money

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    Lohent commented

    Yes! Realms are one of the core features of Minecraft in my opinion and they should definetly be improved for better performance and more players on at once.

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    RobotZap10000 commented

    In the Java edition there is a player feed but it is "temporarily disabled" and it has been for the last 3 months.

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    U46Raven commented

    I would love to see this happen! We are constantly have issues with the member limit and have already discussed that it would be no problem for us to pay extra for say a 50-100 player limit. And to extend server functions would make our jobs as moderators much more streamlined. Please! Consider this!

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    I think that it should cost, say, and extra 50 cents per player.

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    Should have a map on the realm options that shows how far people have gone and where people have built.

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    Andarius68 commented

    YES! For the love of all that is holy, THIS. I'm right here with ya on all of that.

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    I would also like the addition for maybe having a different tier of pay of being able to have a higher render distance for platforms like PC and any other platform that supports higher render distance that standard realms world's currently support.

    This can be implemented as a tier to pay just like the amount of players can play and how long the server will be up for before the realms world expires, under the pricing options. By adding this, it allows players who have higher performing machines to take advantage of it's resources and gain a better experience while machines that doesn't have the performance can use the standard render distance that the realms world currently uses and also would not let the players pay the premium for extra render distance. 

    By allowing the extra render distance, it allows players to take advantage of the extra use of render distance to see their builds and other builds from further away places and allows users to be more aware of the environment around them. 

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    spikebeer commented

    Yes Yes! More options for the own to keep the world safe, more players, greater render distance, more stable play.   This would be amazing! 

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    Glausk commented

    Also having the ability to “whitelist” some texture packs allowing members to use their favourite texture packs while the owner makes sure no one can use x-ray packs


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    Please! I would be willing to PAY SO MUCH FOR THE OPTION TO HAVE MORE THAN 10 PLAYERS AT A TIME! Our realm is growing to almost 50 members now and we cant all be on together especially during planned events! Realms are the only thing that bedrock players have for true multiplayer!

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    Athyral commented

    I personally would pay extra just to have a better running server that allowed for higher simulation distance and great render distance!

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    Zoruzero commented

    This is essential for realm owners like myself to find suspected greifers at various hours. Totally agree with this!

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    crepeer2320 commented

    What I think something else should be added is plug INS for realms, This will help owners manage their realm and if there is any hackers, Or in realm options Of anti hack system, It can be customized to the owners Needs

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    Yes, everything about this is yes. Pro realms, and more admin control over realms is absolutely necessary for the growing bedrock community. Who cares if it costs more, thats a given. Why would it be free.

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    Regiross commented

    yes to pro realms! aw man I hate the lag and the full realms. I would be willing to pay for a pro realm. that sounds like a great idea

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    DrAv0011 commented

    It will be an amazing additon to the game, for console players that can only play on realm, friends online or featured servers, this will be an amazing option to improve the playeability (does that even exists?) in the realm. For example, some third party java server host have different option with different prices and features for every tier. If you could even have some selector to be able to modify the server as you like instead of x predeterminated options will be ideal. 


    If there were x options:

    1.-RAM, from 1gb to 32gb  (+0.5€ every gb)

    2.-HDD or SDD (+5€ SSD)

    3.-Number of Players, form 1 to 200(+0.05€ every player)

    4.-Chunk management, yes or no (+1€ yes)

    5.-Ability to select any texture from a texture list provided by the owner and use it, yes or no (+1€ yes)

    6.-Statistics provider, yes or no (+1€ yes)

    7.-Max Render distance, form 4 to 64 (+0.5€ every 4 chunks)

    + base realm cost 5€


    Users could have a lot of options to customize, and you will gain a more people buying realms, and more money for realm (in average)

    In my case i would select something like 1.- 8 (+4€), 2.- SSD (+5€), 3-.20 players (+1€), 4.- yes (+1€), 5.- yes (+1€), 6.-yes (+1€), 7.- 16 chunks (+2€), + base realm (5€) = 20€ 

    Of course this prices are my idea, in reality they could be higher or lower depending on how it cost to maintein the server were are the realms stored. :D

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    Blue 1890 commented

    This would be AWSOME if this got created! I watch 2b2t on YouTube a lot and I only play Bedrock I love anarchy realms but its 10 player max kills them 


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    RadenBlazed commented

    I agree! A lot of time I feel like I don't have enough control over the realm. I would love some server tools.

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    Gaymahhhhtij commented

    Since realms are the only way for some devices to play together, an upgrade will be awesome. I am a member of a realm which has about 1500 members, and it is constantly full. Very frustrating. And when I do play, the lag is so bad that It doesn’t even let me mine or break blocks. I know that many other people do own realms which have many members and have similar problems. The realm owner constantly states that he wishes that you guys would have a more powerful option. Please make more powerful realm options.

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    I Want this! My favorite youtuber made a realm with 10 players when he add 300 subscribers. You would have to wait up to 20 minutes just to get in! We need this so bad! Normal worlds have a max of 30 players! So why not Realms!

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    CtrlAltDic commented

    Great idea and i agree. I would be whiling to pay additional for this as well. Also add much larger chunk render distances. Realms only allows for up to 4 chunks to render, so any world with farms, hoppers etc are very limited with the current chunk size limitations.

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    BigFlame121 commented

    i would gladly pay a extra 10 dollars to 15 just for a extra beefy server for realms

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    M33KY G33K commented

    I absolutely love this idea! It can be frustrating hosting an event on a realm since only a handful can be only at a time. And this poses a bigger problem when you have an insanely high amount of players.

    I know the realm I'm on would love this feature.

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    Plumsweetart commented

    If this is added I would greatly appreciate it in pocket edition as well!