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Unbreakable enchantment (was: New enchantment for every thing)


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    This is a neat idea.  However, I don't think it's vital.  But it would be a nice way to protect a very special tool.

    I would almost think it would be better as a treasure enchantment.  Something extra special, like mending.

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    I disagree with this idea. I was under the impression that the elytra has this feature because it is uncraftable.... isn't Mending powerful enough already to prevent your favorite tools from breaking?

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    Kevin Shi commented

    This would be a neat idea. Should be as rare as Mending though.

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    RSRedstonier commented

    It's a nice idea, however a little op. Perhaps if:

    1. Was incompatible with unbreaking and/or mending

    2. Was a treasure enchant so it's harder to get

    3. While it will save the item from breaking and will prevent players from using it, players should be unable to use it until it is fully repaired

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    Camcamcam753 commented

    Personally I think this feature should just straight up be added to Unbreaking as a bonus. The only "challenge" it removes is looking at your tools every so often to see if they are about to break.

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    dklebedev commented

    This should replace Mending. Mending makes crafting tools almost obsolete for me, because I rarely lose equipment if ever.

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    This is what "Unbreaking" should have been. The current enchantment is more of a "Can still break but lasts longer" enchantment, which could be called simply Toughness, which is not much of a magical thing to begin with. I imagine true Unbreakable to be some kind of upgrade to the current Unbreaking, a mutual exclusive thing.