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Hard Mode Mob AI: Making Hard Mode Harder. (OUTDATED, NEW VERSION IN PROGRESS)


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    This sounds really cool, but I think this extra level of difficulty should be added to a new "extra hard" mode.  Hard mode already has quite a few things to make it harder, from mobs dealing more damage to being more likely to spawn with armor.

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    that is literally exactly what I was thinking with the new difficulty, I was going to suggest a few of the above are added in hard mode and the rest in a "advanced" difficulty.

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    Hard mode is still WAY too easy, it almost feels like kindergarten... I like many of your suggestions, and at least one of them has already taken place on Xbox editions. (The Wither) [Im only here for xbox editions] They should add some ACTUAL difficulty, as now it seems like the mobs spawn amounts are based on your weaponry and their enchantmens, which is stupid. The earlygame is unentertainingly easy.

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    I think this is awesome but it should be a different mode from hard. Insane would probably fit what you have explained the best. Or maybe Buffed. Others could be Expert or Master.