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    WolveReigner781 commented

    There doesn't have to be any new animal farms for the particular tradesmen.  The villagers could just flock based on their base type (i.e. brown robe, white robe, black apron, etc.).  All the brown robes would probably flock in the ordinary houses and farmlands with the green robes.

    The whole new building generating when a new villager is born is too surreal.  Villagers could just share their business in a single building (or several depending on the generation of the particular village.)

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    iceman42dave commented

    I put walls around the villages I use to protect them from mob attacks, so having buildings pop up who-knows-where would be problematic. We put villagers in "trading stalls", little nooks set into the walls of buildings, either inside or out, that lock them into place with blocks and bookshelves and crafting tables. They'll jump into minecarts, and you can use those to wheel them into position. 

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    Uncheckedflame commented

    Make a block that if you anvil it and rename it say blacksmith any blocks above them count as a blacksmith that way you can place them under custom buildings and have it count and they stay close to them that way say my port have a market place you could give each market stall a profession

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    DragonBrigade7 commented

    Was going to post something similar to this! How about the villager stays by whatever crafting station it's assigned to? That way, when we build custom villages we can keep villagers in their place of work without trapping them there. So a blacksmith villager would naturally stay nearby a smithy, a librarian near bookshelves, a farmer near crop plots, etc.

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    DaffodilAura218 commented

    I'd still like to see these villagers out in the village streets from time to time, but still, you have some very good points... 

    Perhaps a villager of a given profession should generally stay within a certain distance from the block used in their profession...  That would certainly create the desired effect.

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