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NoCloud tag


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    Robin Rogge commented
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    I played around with this a bit and I approve this request.
    While I can manage to (almost) instantly kill the created cloud, in about 50% of cases there will still spawn a particle or two.
    If spawning a effect cloud is specific behaviour of only creepers the tag should be added to them.

    Additionally it would be nice if there was a "ShowParticles" tag for effectclouds themselves.
    Also effect clouds have the NBT-flag "Particle" which takes in the particle name they generate.
    There should be a way to "pass through" the specified particle from the creeper that generates the cloud. That way one could specify which type of particle the creeper-generated effect cloud should use before it even exists.

    It would also be good to be able to remove the explosion particles created by explosions somehow.

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    Robin Rogge commented
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    I might be wrong but is it not already possible to disable particles for potion effects?

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    Gametron 13 commented
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    You can disable particle effects in general, but it would affect ALL particle effects, and some particle effects you may want to see.


    And besides, even if you did hide the particles, the area of effect cloud would still be there. I think it would be a good idea to have something where you can disable a creeper's ability to leave an area of effect cloud.