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Colorful Chorus Flowers!


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    I think a moderator moved this to Graphics/Sounds.  I'd say that this idea is a cross between Graphics and New Blocks.  And mostly I'm focusing on the new blocks.


    My idea is to introduce blocks of Chorus Flower colors.  You look out across the islands and see a forest of Purple Chorus plants.  All the stems/trunks of the trees will remain the same purple.  The top layer of this forest will be a sea of flower petals in Purple, Light Purple, and White.   (With a spot of red, yellow, orange rarely.)


    I wouldn't want the color to overtake the "purple" atmosphere of the End.  The more common flower colors would be Purple, Light Purple, and White for this reason.  I think the End should maintain a dominant "purple" feel to it.

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    Additional Thought:  If adding any of the bold colors is too much, then perhaps don't include them.


    Have flowers of White, Purple, and Light Purple.   Then an extremely rare Black flower you have to hunt thousands of blocks for.


    This way you retain the Exploration function of my idea, and not mess with the color theme of The End.