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(Feedback site) Let's talk about what successful feedback looks like

under review


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    Like the other post, I added a (feedback site) to the subject line.

    .. I don't think I've ever had my own posts used as footnotes, so I look forward to that discussion.

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    Nova, are you ready to share your thoughts on the ideas presented here? Because that's what we'd like most.

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    Martin Villa commented

    Yes ability to dislike!


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    Blast Burner commented

    Having the power to dislike a post would show how much people would like more or dislike more on the current post. I'm okay with that.

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    I agree with all this.

    Seems like this page has not been viewed because it suffers from long post syndrome. We don't even know how many views it has. A view count and downvoting would give us a better idea of whether an idea is meritorious or controversial.

    A special tag should be added for posts with a low view count that the admins think are notable. This could improve visibility. Community visibility is second to developer visibility though, so I hope those new notable posts are being shared with the developers, even if they are not officially under review.

    I think user badges are scope creep for this website though. I can understand the idea of celebrating good exemplars and encouraging others to follow their model. I just think making users visible is a low priority compared to making posts visible and appraisable.

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    Blast Burner commented

    Honestly you should give a reason why you dislike a certain post if this is implemented in the website. The reason why I think this is because say you're best friends with 4 people and they hate you for some reason, they would dislike your post and that would give a bad rating. The people who are then not friends with them don't know the story why they would dislike the idea and they would think that the post would be bad just by looking at the amount of dislikes it has. This seems reasonable to be added into the disliking system and they should always be pending approval. What I mean by that is that when you type in something short it doesn't isn't pending approval, it's just there in a matter of seconds and it's out in the website for other people to see but if you type in something long then it will. This would prevent anyone from disliking a post and saying that their reason for disliking it is, "It's because it's soooooo stupid". I'm asking this of you Mojang, if the disliking system does get added into this website(because judging from the post saying it's under review) please add in my part of the idea. Thank you.