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Crocodile (was: New animals / mobs for the swamp biome!)

under review


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    This general idea was already posted, but I think crocodiles are really the one and most reasonable animal mob to add to swamps.

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    I think adding crocodiles would be a good idea but they need more of a use than "they drop meat" because for example rabbits drop meat but they are not very useful even though they also drop rabbit feet.

    Besides there are, I think, 5 different types of meat only a few are regularly used.

    if they were to be actually added they would need some unique feature like how, the cow has leather, the chicken has feathers and can be fully automated, the sheep have wool horses are rideable, dogs-skeletons, dolphins-treasure, cats-creepers, You get the idea, almost every mob has one and the ones that don't, don't really get used.

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    Maybe witches could be scared of crocodiles, and crocodiles drop some skin that could be made into a witch-deterring set of armor. :) . Just a spontaneous idea.

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    What about Rawhide for an item drop that can be used for leather armor or Gambeson armor.

    Gambeson Armor could be just like leather armor, but would provide full protection against arrows of every variant.

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    Crocodiles will not attempt to kill you unless you hit them and they become hostile. You can eat crocodile meat. Crocodiles drop meat and teeth and xp when you kill them.

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    BDGamingmcpe commented

    Crocodiles are important for swamps.

    But i also think that it would be good if the turtles that stay on land are added.

    I also think that more aquatic mobs like whales,crabs etc should be added.

    And for biomes, there should be a  canyon biome and more village types.

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    Jonah Miller commented

    Like TheIronSniper1 said, it would be much more interesting if they dropped something useful; for example they could drop crocodile boots that give you a speed boost underwater, kinda similar to how turtles drop a useful piece of attire. It'd also be nice if their could be alligators and crocodiles, with alligators in fresh water and crocodiles in salt water, just like their real life counterparts. The alligator could easily just be a re-skin of the crocodile.

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    This could a would the best predator in the swamped in Riverside

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    Mc Rat commented

    I think the crocodiles should warn you by snapping their jaws at you, and only attack if you come as close as 8 blocks of them

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    m0ham3d2018 commented

    swamp biome is lifeless. but with adding crocodile and alligator, it will change the game

    both crocodile and alligator features:

    adult health:30

    baby health:5

    damage:easy:5 normal:7 hard:10

    both drops:

    reptile leather, reptile teeth, bone, raw cod

    both are netural mobs type

    if you walk very quick closely to crocodile, it will attack you, if you hit the mob, it will attack you

    (same thing as alligator)

    both are breedable

    in order to breed both of crocodile and alligator you need to sneak and holding any type of meat it will come to you but it wouldn't attack you. after you feed them, it will lay eggs, just exactly like how sea turtles do, but they will lay eggs on grass block,sand,gravel,dirt and coarse dirt.it will have it's own egg block, like sea turtle egg block.

    you can't tame them and you can't leash them

    both of them can be a predator so they will hunt the following mobs:







    -all undead mobs,witches and villagers

    biome spawns:

    alligators:jungle biomes(closely to rivers on jungle biome)

    crocodiles:swamps and savannah biome(closely to rivers on savannah biome)

    finally if you like the idea, then tell me what you think about it. i wish they add it very soon


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    ClockSpiral . commented

    Sadly, any IRL mobs that would be hostile predators are not being added to Minecraft(coughcoughbearscough).

    Besides, something similar, but more unique would be great too!

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    Mc Rat commented

    I think Crocodiles should snap their jaws at the player when he's close. And only attack if he's about 8 blocks near them.

    There could be a fun Peter Pan easter egg where a crocodile makes a ticking noise

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    It would be a alligator not a crocodile

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    It would be a alligator not a crocodile

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    ClockSpiral . commented

    Why not just "Gator"... for generics?

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    crocodiles reallt need to eb added becayuse theres many reasons the swamps haven't been really dangerous and alos they bneed to add more stuff to the swamps  I think adding crocodiles should be added

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    Yes this is a really great idea

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    i agree.

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    They should attack you when you are in the water to make it more challenging
    -Drops: they should drop leather
    -Speed: they should be as fast as the dolphins