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Colored Slimes


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    Well I don't, so convince me.

    Why should there be different colors of slimes? How would they be different from other slimes? Would they have unique drops and spawning mechanics? Would they do the same amount of damage as regular slimes?

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    SaoNianLion commented

    First time to sent message here and poor English. I just want to convince MacchuPicchu96 that there are nothing different from usual slimes, just add some functions. Feed slimes and make them colorful and docile, or even become vehicles, they must be very cute!

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    Java Dragon commented

    Or diffenrent colored slimes could have different status effects! 🤗 Like this: 

    • Yellow: Fire Resistance
    • Orange: Apsorption
    • Red: Strength
    • Pink: Regeneration
    • Purple: Resistance
    • Blue: Speed
    • Green: Jump Boost (Jump Boost would have to work on slimes) 
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    Brony100 commented

    I like the idea. Ride on them of course not very. And painting slugs sounds interesting, but whether they are going to eat the dyes, especially large ones, I think it will be much more fun to paint clots of ordinary mucus and throwing it into the slugs while the slug grows. And colored mucus clots can be used to craft blocks. Yes, and change their method of attack would not be bad for example the slug swallows the player causing damage to him or swallows the player and throws it in one of five sides. If you fall on it for the first time, then the player will throw him in the air but in the second slug he swallowed and will cause damage

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    Mc Rat commented

     Yes; I think Slimes should just be a able to spawn with potion effects (like spiders), and would then change color depending on the potion effect. The chance would increase with difficulty.

    For example if a slime spawned with Regeneration, it would be pink. If they have more than one, the colors mix together.


    Maybe they would even be able to spawn with negative effects, but would be immune to them and instead inflicted them on the player? Like poison, or slowness.

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    Trenix90 commented

    I agree with different slime colors that have different effects, but not just different slime colors just to have them or to have them as pets.

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    ZingyEight351 commented

    Drops would be recolor of slime balls. You could make colored slime blocks. This would add more slimey blocks for building.

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    They should make it so when a slime block (Color1 ) goes near slime block (Color2) they don’t stick, yes I got it from a YouTuber but this would help my red stone and lots of other players to!