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Give Spiders a Climbing Animation (edited)


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    CrankySword77 commented

    I agree, new mobs are much better than old ones (like pigs, cows, chickens...)

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    JustinYeap123 commented

    They look kinda dumb climbing the walls with this animation

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    Make it a toggle-able option so it doesn’t make people mad that it was changed.

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    They could climb sealings? That is in real life.

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    DeeZeeX FR commented

    I agree with that idea !  It's just a detail, but It would add a little touch of immersion that i think is pretty much important for the overall game experience !

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    Maybe they could also climb on ceilings.

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    dklebedev commented

    This one of those "I should have been that way all along" things.

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    proalleverGG commented

    Adding a spider that's small like the size of silverfishes would make the game great